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How FGH Capital Investing LTD uses Re-Leased to increase and optimize its portfolio 




Mitch Miller

Director of Property Management President, FGH Capital Investing LTD

FGH Capital Investing is a commercial real estate and investment firm in Alberta with over 20 years of business experience. What started 10 years ago with a single multi-tenant property has grown into a constantly expanding portfolio for FGH’s president, Mitch Miller, and office manager, Lindsay Wilkes. Lindsay and Mitch sat down to discuss how they came to Re-Leased and what it’s done for their business. 

Scaling the business the right way

FGH is constantly expanding its portfolio and looking to scale its business. Mitch recognized to do this successfully, his team would need to grow. 

My biggest problem was scaling. As we grew, and as we acquired new properties, the only way for us to get bigger was to hire more employees which brought on a plethora of other issues consuming time, energy, and effort. I wanted to find a way we could scale easier.

Along with a growing team, Mitch recognized the infrastructure they had in place needed to evolve to better set up his team for success. FGH was operating out of digital filing cabinets and multiple programs and this was too disorganized and too risky for the long haul.

Every time you had a manual entry, whether it was from one spreadsheet to another, to an accounting system, each one of those points had room for human error and was becoming too much. We wanted to utilize software for automation that could help us grow efficiently.

Smart integrations that cut admin time

Along with being more efficient, proper financial upkeeping, bookkeeping and accounting have been very important to FGH from day one. As current Xero customers, they wanted a system that could integrate with their existing accounting setup. Something that fit their specific needs, not a generalized version or a platform where they would have to start from scratch.

When asked why FGH chose Re-Leased, the two-way integration with Xero was a clear differentiator, according to Lindsay:

"For us, it was the integration and seamless transaction capability where you post everything in Re-Leased and it is automated into Xero. We really felt it would cut back on our admin time.”

Mitch added:

There were other software solutions that had their accounting and property management system all in one but with our mixed bag, frankenstein-type of balance sheet, that wouldn’t work. We needed a strong accounting system that could keep in line with the strong parameters we wanted to hold true and Re-Leased was able to provide that with their business add-on solution through Xero.


Before, we had an electronic filing cabinet with multiple files and folders that made it hard to search and locate what we were looking for. Now, when we acquire a company, we just throw everything into the documents folder in Re-Leased and it is a much easier way to access appraisals, property tax, or closing documentation from anywhere.

A tool for the whole team

Using Re-Leased, the FGH team can now streamline how they manage rent roll requests, critical date tracking, and documentation storage across different departments and team members.  

We have regular rental review meetings and the first thing we pull up is the Re-Leased global calendar to review tenant move-outs to tenant move-ins, arrears, etc. and the dashboard has become a central tool for collaboration across our team.

Keeping critical data in one place

Commercial real estate has a lot of moving parts so staying on top of critical dates and all of your data is important for growing your business. Mitch understands that importance and uses the Re-Leased dashboard to easily access this information across his properties.

A large selling point for me with Re-Leased was that I could pull in multiple organizations and have a central hub for reporting, compiling data, and all the other analytics and metrics I needed to view in one place.

When asked what their plans for the next five years look like, Lindsay and Mitch say they want to continue being active and are always searching for opportunities to grow and expand their portfolio with Re-Leased. 


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