We make our platform secure and reliable

Secure, Two-Factor Authentication Process

Your business data is precious. Keeping it safe is our top priority. That’s why we use best-in-breed security measures.

  • Extra level of security with two-step authentication
  • Access to data requires a unique code generated by an app on your smartphone
  • Encryption keeps your password protected
  • Independently tested by leading security companies

Customisable User Roles for Granular Access Control

Managing multiple properties, owners and tenants can be overwhelming. Re-Leased gives you control over who can see and do what.

  • Control who can access your data. Re-Leased puts the power in your hands
  • Custom user roles set different levels of access. No one gets into your system unless you invite them in
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency across teams
  • Free up time so you can focus on growing your business

Security First

Server Backups

Re-Leased uses top-tier, third-party services to store your data securely. We replicate your data between data centres in different locations to maintain data availability and business continuity. In the case of hardware failure, we provide automatic failover to optimise availability.

User-Stored Backups

Re-Leased backs up your business data, with recovery available 24/7. Users can download and locally store all compliance reports in PDF and CSV format, so you can transfer all your balances to another system, and fulfil audit requirements.


When errors are made, there is no need to restore from a previous backup in our system. Re-Leased provides an easy way to reverse errors and leave a clear audit record of what was transacted and what was done to correct the transaction error.

Mitigate risk of hardware theft

Theft is mitigated because software and data are not stored on local hardware. In cases where a thief might attempt to access a client’s online data via their stolen hardware, Re-Leased has a number of security measures and policies in place to mitigate that risk, such as two-factor authentication.

Defence in Depth

Re-Leased mitigates the risk of malicious or accidental removal of data. Our software and your data are not stored on any local hardware.

We use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which reduces the risk that failure of any one security mechanism will compromise the security of the entire environment.

Microsoft Azure uses multiple layers of security, including: Filtering Routers, Firewalls, Cryptographic Protection of Messages, Software Security Patch Management, Monitoring, and Network Segmentation.

A full technical overview of the Azure hosting platform security features can be found at 'Microsoft Azure security overview’.