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Case Study: Re-Leased & Vitcorp Ltd

Case study: Vitcorp Ltd. Shares how they cut costs by managing their own portfolio.



Megan Taylor
Property Manager, Vitcorp Ltd

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution like Re-Leased?

We brought the property management in-house and this process was all totally new for us, so we ultimately needed a system that manages the end-to-end activities of our portfolio.

How did you discover Re-Leased?

My colleague discovered Re-Leased and talked it through with me to see whether it would be suitable for our needs. Having a professional person who works so closely with me recommend the software was a really comforting thing to have when we decided to bring the property management in-house.

What led to your decision to use Re-Leased for your business? 

I have used a few property management packages over the last 15 years and I have to say Re-Leased has been the best. The ease you can move around the package, it is pleasing to look at and provides everything we need at a touch of a button, and another huge plus is that it works well alongside Xero.

What benefits have you experienced since Re-Leased has been up and running?

The dashboard is a lifesaver to provide you with vital dates. The ease that Re-Leased provides is great because it allows you to email all tenants in a building as you please, which really increases your efficiencies and eliminates those time-consuming tasks. The reports that the Re-Leased system generates are easy to read, which is important for us because they display key information.

Re-Leased has provided us the ability to shift our approach, cut costs and manage our own portfolio.

What specific results have you seen from implementing Re-Leased? 

Re-Leased is providing everything we need and an external property management team is not required to run our portfolio. That is a monumental thing for our team – Re-Leased has provided us the ability to shift our approach, cut costs and manage our own portfolio.

How does Re-Leased reduce risk in your property portfolio?

The clear prompts on the dashboard help to display all of our key information and key maintenance tasks, so that we never miss a beat with our property management. Re-Leased reduces our risks by helping us make sure that we are efficient and attentive to our tasks.

How has the integration with Xero impacted your business?

I have never used an accounting software before but Xero works so well with Re-Leased and is providing a seamless service that is easy to use and understand. The integration with Re-Leased and Xero is tremendous.

How did you find the implementation process?

Really easy and a joy compared to other packages used. Typically, dealing with support staff and implementation teams can be a headache, but not with Re-Leased. It was a joy to get up and running.

The world is changing with digital innovation. How are you using technology to shape your portfolio into the future

Hopefully moving towards tenant portals, and being able to obtain information from mobiles whilst out on site. The future of mobility is huge for us – we want to be able to access key information, anywhere, and anytime.

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