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Case Study: Re-Leased & Commercial Collective

How Commercial Collective stands out by delivering a 6-star service


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Dane Crawford
Partner & General Manager, Commercial Collective


About Commercial Collective

Commercial Collective is a commercial real estate agency in Newcastle, Australia, that was born out of a desire to break out from the traditional mould of property management. 

Its four partners all came from senior roles at established companies in the industry and hold a wealth of knowledge. They share a desire to operate in their own way, outside the norms of the big players. 

“We felt it was time for us to go out on our own and really try and do things a little differently,” says Dane Crawford, Partner at Commercial Collective. 

“We shared a belief that we could do things more quickly, more efficiently and provide better outcomes for our clients. It felt like clients were looking for something that offered a little more than the standard level of service that they had been receiving and that had worked for the past 20 years.”

Rapid growth brings growing pains

The partners leveraged their different skill sets within the industry, as well as their networks, to build a solid foundation for the business to launch from. And so far they’ve experienced considerable success, having grown from a team of four to a team of 16 within 18 months. 

But rapid growth inevitably brings growing pains. As their portfolio and property types grew, their need for modern tools and systems that would allow them to continue delivering a high level of service grew too.  

“The management side of the business was always a key component because it provides some stability. The system we had initially was good for us starting out, however, as the business grew, we were bringing on more complex assets that required different reporting. We realised we needed a property management software that could keep up with how quickly the business was growing.”

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The way we do business remotely is exactly the same. Our clients did not feel any change whatsoever, and we are proud to have maintained our 6-star level of service."

Focusing on clients, not time-consuming admin

Commercial Collective aims to maintain its renowned level of service from start to finish, regardless of how big they become, and that’s where they see the value of technology in supporting them. 

“When we were starting out, It was really easy to manage and control that 6-star level of service. There is no substitute for a phone call and a discussion with a client, but a lot of the time-consuming and administrative tasks that are associated with different aspects of the business can now be automated."

“By introducing automation, our team maintains a certain amount of capacity to ensure that they don't drop that level of service.”

By combining the efficiency of smart technology to handle the heavy lifting with a people-first approach to service, Commercial Collective continues to deliver its “6-star service”. Putting the right systems in place to support the team was also a big reason that their service level did not drop during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will keep being a key differentiator for the business going forward.  

“The way we do business remotely is exactly the same. Our clients did not feel any change whatsoever, and we are proud to have maintained our 6-star level of service.”

“When we started this business we wanted to have the ability to be a fully remote-based work platform and that's exactly what we built from day one.

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