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Frequently Asked Questions

Which browser works best for Re-Leased?

Re-Leased works best with Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. For optimum performance we suggest using the most recent version available.

Can I use Re-Leased without integrating with a Xero account?

Yes you can – Re-Leased works great as a stand-alone application. However, it includes some cool features and seamless synchronisation for users that want to integrate their property management and accounting systems (we think Xero’s software is pretty awesome too).

Can I use Re-Leased to run my mixed property portfolio?

Definitely. While Re-Leased is primarily set up to handle commercial property, we’ve made sure residential users have all the features they need. The system is designed property owners who manage a medium to large portfolios.

What countries will Re-Leased work in?

Re-Leased will work anywhere in the world. However we're currently billing in Great British pounds, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars and United States dollars.

Can someone help me set up my Re-Leased account?

Yes, we have a team ready to help. Just drop us an email and we’ll contact you.


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