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QuickBooks Online Property Management Software

Re-Leased & QuickBooks Online: Save time & eliminate risk

Re-Leased's two-way integration with QuickBooks Online gives you access to one, easy-to-use, fully-integrated property management and accounting solution.
This makes your work and your life easier.


QuickBooks Online Property Management Software

Bring your people, properties, and accounts together as one.


Save valuable time

Automate tenant invoices, transaction matching & reconciliation.

No more costly errors

Eliminate double handling and give your teams access to information instantly.  

Get complete accuracy

With our two-way sync, have up-to-date data for your portfolio in both systems. 

Instant visibility into business performance

Your property team will see up-to-date data on everything from lease dates and expiries to arrears.

The accounts team working in QuickBooks Online will receive every update, giving them financial clarity — not just at tax time, but throughout the year, so you can make informed decisions.

  • Increase accuracy with one central source of truth
  • Track rent, leases, maintenance, income and expenses by property or tenant
  • Instantly access key lease and client data wherever and whenever you need

QuickBooks Online for your accounts team.
Re-Leased for your property team

By connecting Re-Leased with QuickBooks Online using our two-way integration, your accounts and property teams get access to best-in-class systems and work from the same information, when they need it.

Re-Leased allows you to manage your properties, leases and tenants while QuickBooks Online takes care of your bank account and financial reporting. This smart integration removes the need to create two invoices so you don't run the risk of double entries, saving you valuable time.

  • Automate transaction matching and reconciliation, fees and payments to creditors
  • Tenant invoices are automatically raised inline with leases
  • Enhance your property operations and streamline your accounting

QuickBooks Online and Re-Leased FAQs

Which version of QuickBooks does Re-Leased sync with?

Re-Leased syncs with QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

Is the integration a 1-way or 2-way sync?

Re-Leased is unique compared to our competitors in the sense that we offer a fully embedded integration which allows information to sync 2-ways. Sync information from QBO to Re-Leased and vice versa, no problem.

What fields & data sync between both platforms?

Forget data double entry. Data from your contacts, invoices, bills, & credit memos is all part of our sync. Accounts, property class, and tax rates also transfer over.

How often does data sync between Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online?

We understand the importance of having real-time updated information which is why data syncs every 10 minutes.

Can Re-Leased handle multiple companies and bank accounts?

Each company in QuickBooks Online is reflected in Re-Leased ensuring a one-to-one connection. In addition, on Re-Leased you’ll have single sign-on which allows you to view properties, tenancies and reports across all your companies at once.

What data flows to reports?

All data and fields that flow through to Re-Leased are included in reports — accounts payable and accounts receivable. Bills can be created in QuickBooks Online and will still flow through to Re-Leased, meaning you can view up to date and accurate budget reporting. Our reports ensure your property managers will have the data they need to provide owners and stakeholders with essential portfolio information without them needing access to your accounting software.

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The QBO integration was just another check box that this solution was a fit for us. Not only could we continue to use QBO with our customers and accountants, but having the systems integrate also saved us steps of jumping between multiple systems.



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