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Case Study: Re-Leased & Commercial Realty

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Annalise Witteveen

Annalise Witteveen
Senior Property Manager, Commercial Realty 

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Jack McKenzie

Property Manager, Commercial Realty 


About Commercial Realty

Established with firm roots in Auckland industrial and commercial property, Commercial Realty are experts in generating the best results for their clients.

As their commercial property management portfolio evolved from managing a single shopping complex they needed to migrate from spreadsheets and paper-based records to a fit for purpose system. Initially selecting Qube, another property management system, they soon found that it didn’t scale with them as they continued growing their portfolio. So they went back out to the market and discovered Re-Leased.

A Seamless Fit

As a growing company, the team needed to be able to access the system from anywhere and work while they are on the move or working remotely.

Commercial Realty also enjoys the flexibility afforded by the system. Re-Leased allows them to easily fill in when a colleague is away and ensure that no mistakes are made thanks to the inbuilt checks and balances within the platform.

You can be on the phone with someone and bring up the relevant documentation straight away. There's no need to go and look.

I Like how user friendly it is. Basically, anyone who has worked on a computer before could go on and find what you need, right away. 

Reduced Administration Time

Being busy professionals, reducing their time performing administrative tasks has been one of the biggest benefits of moving to Re-Leased. Lynne estimates that she is now roughly saving up 80% of her time on administrative tasks thanks to the reconciliation function within the platform.

As for Katie, she is finding the transparency created by having all critical information for the business in one place is a key driver of productivity and communication increases.

Powering their growth

The future is bright for Commercial Realty's ambitious growth plans. Creating more value for their Sales and Leasing businesses through Re-Leased - a more robust commercial property management service - is a key pillar in their plan.

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