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Case Study: Re-Leased & Mackersey Development

Mackersey Development: Still a happy customer eight years on

Annah Kight

Annah Kight
Director, Mackersey Development


Re-Leased's first customer, a family-owned, commercial real estate development and management company is still a customer today

Mackersey Development is a family-owned commercial property development company, emerging from the original construction company founded in 1948. Today they specialise in Hawke’s Bay commercial property development, management and leasing. Annah’s role is property manager and company director, with responsibility for the daily operations of their business. She specialises in planning for up-coming developments, in looking after premises for lease, and is the point of contact for all agents and prospective tenants.

An easy decision because it was so much better than current software

Mackersey Development were Re-Leased’s first customer, and they came across Re-Leased in an unusual way. Tom’s family was a neighbour and while he and his brother were helping David and Annah move a heavy fridge, he told them about the commercial real estate software he was developing. The next Monday he was in the office giving them a demo.

Because we were the first customer of Re-Leased, moving to a brand-new software company was a huge risk for our business, but after seeing the demo, the benefits so clearly outweighed the risk it was an easy decision. It was a no brainer for us.

When you’re reviewing a tenancy with a tenant, talking about things like when their term renewal is, instead of lugging around a lease document, you can log into Re-Leased and all that information is at your fingertips.

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Cloud-based means information any time, anywhere

Mackersey Development loved Re-Leased from the get go, particularly how easy it is to use, the Xero integration and that being cloud-based means they can use it anywhere, anytime. When they're reviewing a tenancy and discussing a term renewal with a tenant, instead of lugging around a lease document, they can log into Re-Leased and all that information is at their fingertips.

Continually improving, even after eight years

We’ve stuck with Re-Leased because we honestly don’t need to look elsewhere. It works for us really well. It’s so easy to use, it’s Xero-integrated and cloud-based. Even after eight years, it’s still exactly what we need. 

Even after eight years, it’s still exactly what we need. 


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