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Case Study: Re-Leased & Sagars

Sagars leverages technology to build trust with their clients and help them meet their goals.

Joel Topham
Senior Manager, Sagars Accountants


It's important when talking with our clients that they know we understand their business. That's why working with industry-specific apps such as Re-Leased adds so much value and builds so much trust for us with them.


At Sagars, technology is a way of life.

“It's in everything we do both internally and how we work with our clients,” says Joel Topham, Senior Manager at Sagars. 

Joel says he prefers to utilize industry-specific technology when working with clients, so they know he understands their business goals and how to meet them.

How has working with Re-Leased helped Sagars?

"For us, having our clients get better information means that we get better information, and we have to spend less time checking for data and looking for inconsistencies," says Joel. The direct access to clients' data allows Sagars to drive more effective, proactive advisory work and help their clients better achieve their goals. 

Pickard Properties and Sagars

"Pickard Properties have been a client of Sagars for approximately five years," Sarah Powel, Operations Manager of Pickard Properties tells us. They formed a strong relationship quickly, and Sagars was able to pinpoint the need for technology, first onboarding Pickard onto Xero, before suggesting Re-Leased as their property management solution. 

“Sagars played a 100% role in our adoption of Re-Leased,” Sarah says. Because of their long-standing relationship with Sagars and how deeply Sagars understood them as a business, it was a no-brainer for Pickard to trust their advice that this was the right software for their business goals.

How has Re-Leased changed how Pickard Properties operates?

"For Pickard, Re-Leased has really released a lot of time and capacity within their team," Joel tells us. This has allowed them to facilitate significant growth, without also increasing their costs significantly.

“Going forward, the reporting system is going to be absolutely fantastic for us," says Sarah. "Previously we used archaic methods -- everything was manual."

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