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Property Accounting Integrations

Connect to your accounting software of choice. 

Simplify the financial side of your business and keep on top of many moving parts. Be confident that everything's tracked, accurate and up-to-date.

Integrate with leading accounting platforms

Deep, two-way integrations for modern property management

Your business should have the flexibility to choose industry-specific software that best meets your needs. Tap into deep, two-way accounting integrations so you can work your way, without any disruptions.

Cloud accounting integrations. The best of both worlds

Accounting is complex and accounting systems help to run all parts of a business. Finance teams don’t want to move away from their specialized system to a property management platform that claims to do it all.

Connecting software like Sage Intacct, Xero and Quickbooks Online with Re-Leased means you get best-in-class solutions that sync together as a single source of truth. 

Team harmony at its finest

  • Your finance team can keep using their accounting software while Re-Leased enhances your property operations.
  • Each team uses their preferred tool but they're all working from the same information.
  • No need to fret about bringing on a new accounting system for your team to learn and navigate: win-win!

Goodbye to errors, hello connected data


The deep, two-way accounting integrations with Re-Leased mean tenant data and financial accounts are automatically synced in both systems, eliminating any double handling. When you create an invoice in your accounting system, it sends it to Re-Leased and vice-versa.
Experience a constant flow of vital information between systems that saves you time and gives you accurate insights.
  • Tenant invoices are automatically raised in line with leases
  • Automatic transaction matching and reconciliation
  • Tenant data and financial accounts are automatically synchronized

Operate in real-time

Get a real-time view of your financial flows and leverage the powerful financial reporting in your accounting system to plan ahead. From your accounting software, you can see a profit and loss report. From Re-Leased, you can see who has paid what and who has overdue payments.

Share real-time financial information including:

  • Contacts & invoices
  • Receipts & payments
  • Expense recoveries
  • Tracking and more

Giving flexibility, scale and choice

Dive deeper into our accounting integrations

Top Solutions

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Global leaders in commercial property management software

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The calendar dashboard is a game-changer when it comes to managing our operations. It means we’ll never miss key dates, rent escalations or opportunities to renew with our tenants. We no longer have to spend all of our time on manual tasks and can focus on making good business decisions. It’s a lot more strategic and growth orientated.
Severina Lutaj
Prior to adopting Re-Leased, property management was costing approximately $600-$1,000 for each property per month. By using Re-Leased Stasia is seeing a 90% saving in property management expenses.
John Frilingos & Matthew Harris
Project Manager and Coordinator
Before we got Re-Leased and Xero, about three times a week we were FedExing hard copies to our accountant in Maine, and in return he was FedExing it back. Re-Leased has given us a way to really not have to do that anymore.
Jaime Simchik
When you’re reviewing a tenancy with a tenant, talking about things like when their term renewal is, instead of lugging around a lease document, you can log into Re-Leased and all that information is at your fingertips.
Annah Kight
It’s the only SaaS-based tool out there that operates in the cloud and makes property management accounting and bookkeeping a lot more efficient.
Ryan Zysman
Co-Founder, Future Balance
It's important when talking with our clients that they know we understand their business. That's why working with industry-specific apps such as Re-Leased adds so much value and builds so much trust for us with them.
Joel Topham, David Walsh, Sarah Powel
We had a fantastic support network when we initially set it up and even now if we have an issue they will come out and help us - the support is incredible. I recommend Re-Leased because it’s easy, it saves us time and it helps us be as accurate as possible.
Nick Healy
Director, Attune Asset Management

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