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The ChangeMakers in
Commercial Real Estate Podcast

In this podcast, you'll hear the stories and the people driving change and innovation in the commercial real estate industry.

Our aim is to give you insight and inspiration in a market that’s facing huge changes going forward. Join us as we uncover what the future will look like for commercial real estate.

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Michael Gillon - Bayleys - ChangeMakers in Commercial Real Estate Podcast
Episode 06

Embracing ESG in commercial real estate with Michael Gillon

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Michael Grant - Metrikus - ChangeMakers in Commercial Real Estate Podcast
Episode 05

Meeting the new demands of the indoor environment with Michael Grant

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Aviva Sonenreich - ChangeMakers in CRE
Episode 04

How to build your commercial real estate brand with Aviva Sonenreich

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ChangeMakers in CRE - Brad Krauskopf  (1)
Episode 03

How landlords can embrace the rise of 'Space as a Service' with Brad Krauskopf

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Charlotte Brabant - ChangeMakers in CRE podcast
Episode 02

Repurposing old buildings into new opportunities with Charlotte Brabant

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Julian Carey - Deliver a better tenant experience
Episode 01

How to nail your niche to deliver a better tenant experience with Julian Carey

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Introducing the ChangeMakers in CRE
Episode 00

Introducing: The ChangeMakers in Commercial Real Estate

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