Future Balance leverages technology to separate themselves from the pack



When Toronto-based accountants Ryan Zysman and Daniel Talkins came together to form a new firm in 2015 they knew they wanted to approach things a little differently


What challenges or needs did you face in your industry that led you to look for a solution like Re-Leased?

“Most traditional accountants just give year-end advice, which leaves many small businesses fending for themselves,” says Future Balance co-founder Ryan Zysman. 

“We are entrepreneurs ourselves and understand the immense sacrifices and pressure you’re under when you start a business. We wanted to be as accessible and tech-friendly as possible to help start-ups scale and maximize potential.” 

Ryan says they called the firm Future Balance to reflect their forward-thinking approach to adopting new technology. 

Why did you choose to work with Re-Leased?

“As a Xero specialist, part of our mission is to find cloud technology and applications that are relevant for our clients in different industries and assist them in implementing it. This helps to deliver efficiencies on both sides and means we can run clients’ bookkeeping at an affordable rate.” 

When a property client came to Future Balance looking for a software solution to run its portfolio of properties, Ryan says, they searched for the best option.

“We saw Re-Leased was the highest rated property management software on the Xero App store and requested a demo. When we saw how easily it integrates with Xero and how intuitive it is, we were really impressed.


Why is connected cloud software important to you?

“It’s the only SaaS-based tool out there that operates in the cloud and makes property management accounting and bookkeeping a lot more efficient. 

“A lot of the other cloud-based options are still very manual and our staff would have to print cheques and do reconciliations themselves. Re-leased removes this manual output and works with our other third party applications so we can input information and generate reports and invoices for our clients very easily.”

It’s the only SaaS-based tool out there that operates in the cloud and makes property management accounting and bookkeeping a lot more efficient.

How has Re-Leased changed how you operate?

Ryan says having access to Re-Leased has made it a lot easier for Future alance to help property management companies and win new business in this space. 

“Previously the property management bookkeeping and accounting would have to stay with the client and they’d often need a part-time bookkeeper to help them keep up. 

“Now by using Re-Leased, we can connect remotely and they can completely outsource the full day-to-day bookkeeping to us,” he says. 

Ryan says his property clients no longer need to keep paper records and receipts and can access real-time information and reports which is a huge value add.

“Cloud-based software like Re-Leased is definitely the future of property management.”


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