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Case Study: Re-Leased & Crockers Property

Crockers have sped up their property management processes with Re-Leased

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Crockers Property Management Team

We sat down with the Crockers Property Management team to discuss their use of Re-Leased, how the software has elevated their business and centralised all of their key information.

How do Crockers use Re-Leased to streamline their daily activities?

We are an end-to-end realty business. We have our body corporate sales team and property management team for both commercial and residential properties. The system we were using was not made or fit for use with regards to our commercial management and student accommodation, so we chose to switch to Re-Leased.

We use Re-Leased as the major software to manage all of our commercial tenants. And we do our day-to-day activities, like invoicing, payments to landlords, and we also use our calendars to remind us with any upcoming inspections or annual maintenance for all our commercial tenants. We basically use Re-Leased every single day.

Our ability to bring in everything that is new to the market makes us different. We use multiple different software platforms to manage our end-to-end property management operations. These are things that help us speed up our process – we like to be on top of the tech game and stay in the loop. We embrace technology.

Because Re-Leased is cloud-based we can actually just pull out the documentation wherever we are located.

How has Re-Leased helped add value to your business?

For us, because Re-Leased is cloud-based we can actually just pull out the documentation wherever we are located. Due to portfolio size increases, you can always reference key information. It helps property management agencies be more professional.

With regards to time, when it comes to using something that’s designed for us, it helps to speed our tasks up and therefore saves time. There are a lot of things within Re-Leased that are really easy. The beauty for us is to have a software that centralises everything, which saves time on phone calls, emails going out, and that’s what is really helpful for us. And some of our team are based at remote sites, but that doesn’t matter because Re-Leased centralised all of our key documentation.

What methods were you using prior to Re-Leased?

We used a software prior to Re- Leased that we found a little hard to manage/operate as it did not separate the Operational Expense Funds from the Rental Funds, unlike in Re-Leased.

How has your team found using Re-Leased? 

Re-Leased is very user friendly. We’re really comfortable using the software. We know the software really well, and once you know the ins and outs it’s so easy to use. The usability of Re-Leased is very straightforward.

Talk about the quality of training you received with the Re-Leased implementation team

When we learned Re-Leased, there was only a small team at Crockers who were using it. We didn't have anyone on site to spend too much time on using Re-Leased, but in a nutshell we learned as we went. It’s a great software to learn as you go, too.

What would you say to other property professionals shopping around for a platform to manage their portfolio?

Re-Leased is not hard to learn. The majority of the functionality speak to modern property management. We definitely recommend other commercial property managers to use this software. The best thing about it in comparison to other software in the market is that it’s cloud-based. You can access all of your data from anywhere you are. That’s a very handy part.

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