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Case Study: Re-Leased & Silverfin Capital

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Amber Whittaker
Silverfin Capital

Silverfin Capital has gone from strength to strength since its establishment in 2016 with circa $550m commercial real estate assets under management.

Established in 2016, Silverfin is a property syndication business that has thrived since its founding. Leading the pack with an investor-first culture and a true belief in transparency, they specialise in acquiring commercial and industrial real estate assets on behalf of investors to provide strong returns without having to take on the burdens of private property ownership.

Amber Whittaker is a Commercial Property Manager within the team at Silverfin. Amber has a strong history across commercial real estate working with household names such as JLL and Kiwi Property and has used various software systems in the past, so was ideally placed to be the Re-Leased champion within the business and get it humming.


Boosting efficiency while reducing risk

A key point of selecting Re-Leased to replace their spreadsheets was that Silverfin wanted to create a user-friendly single source of truth to streamline their business processes. Working off spreadsheets in the past meant dealing with formulae errors and the inefficiency inherent in manual data entry. Using Re-Leased, Silverfin's critical information is now updated in real-time and users all work from the same data. Having a two-way integration between Re-Leased and their accounting system, Xero, also helps to reduce double-entry and siloed communication and boost efficiency,

Re-Leased takes the stress out of our relationship management because we have all the information we need in one place.

As part of their investor-first ethos, Silverfin operates an open-door policy for their investors and actively encourages them to visit their office for a coffee and a catch up with the team. Using Re-Leased allows them to have an investor's information on hand to easily answer any questions or queries around their growing portfolio, helping nurture investor relationships and maintain complete transparency.

Positioned for growth

Being a dynamic organisation, Silverfin needs to move swiftly to load new properties quickly into its systems. Amber also points to the automation of their rent roll as a key benefit with Re-Leased saving her significant administrative time.

Looking ahead, Silverfin is driven to continue on their impressive growth trajectory and have targeted $1 billion worth of assets under management by 2024.

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