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Automated online rent collection

Welcome to a world of rent paid faster with
Re-Leased Pay.

Give tenants an easy online payment experience.

re-leased pay

Easy payments mean less time chasing

The easier it is for tenants to pay you, the quicker they do. With Re-Leased Pay, your tenants no longer have to log into their bank account or manage clunky payment experiences, or worse, cheques - they can pay online with direct debit or credit card straight from their email or in the Tenant App.

  • Faster payments
  • Less time chasing arrears
  • Less credit control costs
  • More payments fulfilled
Pay with Re-Leased pay

Cut the costs of outstanding rent

Whether chasing late payments or cashing cheques, a poor payment process leads to higher credit control costs. Go digital with your payments experience and end complex and costly processes. 

Re-Leased Pay

Get tenants on auto payments for peace of mind

After paying their first rent invoice online, tenants can easily set up a recurring payment so their ongoing payments are sorted. This means greater peace of mind for you and no more chasing payments. 


Recurring payment

Stay on top of payments with easy reconciliation

Whether you use accounting software or our trust accounting module, Re-Leased Pay makes it easy to reconcile your tenants' online payments.

  • Through our integrations with accounting software, payments are automatically marked as paid in your accounting system.
  • With our trust accounting solution, simply upload your bank statement.

There's no need for you to find and match your invoices. Re-Leased Pay will look for a reference and automatically match all payments.


Invoice Reconciliation Take 2

Safe & secure payments 

Re-Leased Pay is powered by Stripe, a +100bn payments technology platform that enables millions of businesses to set up safe, secure payment processes in over 120 countries. Stripe has been audited and certified to the most stringent level available in the payments industry.
Chances are you've used their software before! Their customers include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Nasdaq, Uber, Under Armour, and National Geographic.


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Benefits of online rent payments

How online rent payments benefit property managers and landlords

Landlords and property managers are now opting for synchronised and streamlined practices for managing their payment processes. Find out more now.

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You’re in good company

My tenants are happy that they can use credit cards to make a payment and they have found Re-Leased Pay very easy to use. I reconcile the payments via Xero and Re-Leased Pay marks the invoice as paid in Re-Leased. 

Kevin Grandison, KG Properties

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