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Property Management Software for Build to Rent and Mixed Use

Exceed tenant experiences by embracing technology.

Use our platform as a single source of truth and stand out from the pack with software that scales with your Build to Rent company. 
build to rent and mixed use

Build to Rent is changing the face of real estate

Join the changemakers who have moved from the old world of disconnected data, activities and communication, to the new world - one connected ecosystem. 

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Manage all lease types easily

Build a thriving community and enjoy a single source of truth

Reduce risk with instant reminders and alerts 
Get instant reminders and alerts, which put you in control, even when you’re on the move. Easily complete tasks and access data relating to tenancies, properties and portfolios. 
Your accounting and reporting in one place
Use our best-in-class Re-Leased accounting platform or use your own. Our platform integrates with the leading cloud accounting platforms in the world. 
Tennant communication at your fingertips
Enjoy the benefits of the Re-Leased Tenant and Landlord apps. Direct communication is at your fingertips to manage repairs and maintenance and any other issues easily.
Workplace mobility and control

Unite all areas of your business and unlock portfolio potential

Re-Leased brings your accounts, lease management, inspections and maintenance, accounting, compliance management, tenant communication, document storage and reporting into one unified system. 

Gain unrivalled operational efficiencies
Streamline internal processes, improve tenant relationships and scale effectively.
Collaborate and automate
Property managers, tenants, tradespeople & accountants are connected, and can automate a wide range of processes.
Portfolio intelligence
Monitor the performance of your business with actionable data at your fingertips, available on any device, anywhere.
Freedom to work from anywhere
Purpose-built mobile apps for property managers, tenants and owners. Work wherever, whenever.
Streamline property accounting
Utilise Re-Leased's leading-edge accounting or Xero or QuickBooks Online Accounting Integrations.

Get more done with Re-Leased

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