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NetSuite Property Management Software

Superior control across property and finance.

Our two-way integration with NetSuite gives you access to one, easy-to-use, fully-integrated property management and accounting package. 

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The future of commercial real estate

The perfect match of accounting and property software in the cloud

From scale-ups to global companies, the pairing of NetSuite and Re-Leased delivers a best-of-breed solution that grows with you. Make your software your competitive advantage with an integrated property management and accounting suite, all connected in the cloud.


Save your valuable time

Automate tenant invoices, transaction matching & reconciliation.

No more costly errors

Eliminate double handling and give your teams access to information instantly.  

Get complete accuracy

With our two-way sync, have up-to-date data for your portfolio in both systems. 

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Property accounting made easy

By connecting Re-Leased with NetSuite using our two-way integration, your accounts and property teams get access to best-in-class systems and work from the same information, when they need it.

Re-Leased allows you to manage your properties, leases and tenants while NetSuite takes care of your bank account and financial reporting. This smart integration removes the need to create two invoices so you don't run the risk of double entries, saving you valuable time.


  • Automate transaction matching and reconciliation, fees and payments to creditors
  • Tenant invoices are automatically raised inline with leases
  • Supercharge your property operations and streamline your accounting

Use NetSuite and Re-Leased to make your business flow

Your property team will see up-to-date data on everything from lease dates and expiries to late payments. The accounts team working in NetSuite will receive every update, giving them financial clarity — not just at tax time, but throughout the year, so you can make informed decisions.

Sync your Transactions

  • Rent and Non-Rent Income Invoices are created in Re-Leased, which sync to NetSuite as Invoices
  • Bills may be created in either platform.   
  • Income & Expense Credit Notes are synced between Re-Leased and NetSuite

Sync your Contacts

Vendors & Customer entities in
Re-Leased or NetSuite are synced between both platforms, reducing double entry. 

Sync your core Accounting data

Accounting entities in NetSuite are synced to Re-Leased to ensure Invoices & Bills are fully in sync. NetSuite will be the source of truth for these entities: Accounts, Items, Tax, Locations, Classifications & Dimensions

NetSuite and Re-Leased FAQs

Which version of Netsuite does Re-Leased sync with?

As an Oracle NetSuite Partner, our integration is always compatible with the latest publicly available version of NetSuite.

How does the integration sync information?

Core accounting entities such as Accounts, Items, Tax types, and Classifications are controlled in NetSuite and sync 1-way into Re-Leased. Invoices, payments, credit notes and contacts sync 2 ways.

How often does data sync between Re-Leased and NetSuite?

Automated syncs occur every 24 hours. Users can also trigger syncs manually at any time.

Can Re-Leased handle multiple companies and bank accounts?

We are fully compatible with NetSuite's OneWorld module. Each company in NetSuite is reflected in Re-Leased ensuring a one-to-one connection. In addition, on Re-Leased you’ll have single sign-on which allows you to view properties, tenancies and reports across all your companies at once.


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