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Case Study: Re-Leased & Yorkshire Prosperity Ltd

Yorkshire Prosperity Ltd. Shares why Re-Leased is "The whole package"


Matt Short
Investment Executive, Yorkshire Prosperity Ltd

Matt, shares how Re-Leased is helping Yorkshire Prosperity Ltd. get the foundations right and become even better innovators.

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution like Re-Leased?

It is very hard to find software that suited all of the company needs, from investments through to managing properties. Re-Leased offers the most user-friendly software package compared to all other competitors, and more importantly, their staff are always on hand to assist and train us to use the software to the best of our ability. It is not just a case of ‘here's our payment now get on with it’, like we have experienced in the past with other software providers.

How did you discover Re-Leased?

We ran Google searches when researching for a new product and came across the Re-Leased website, and then we made contact and met with their software specialists. The friendliness of Re-Leased’s staff and also the fact that we really loved their system interface made the decision to go with Re-Leased a simple one. The software is presented in a visual and intuitive way and is easy to use compared to others.


What were the requirements you were looking for in a new solution?

We were searching for a system that could log and track all issues, and rent reminders, invoices, too. There are surprisingly not that many companies who can offer the whole package like Re-Leased, and we did a thorough search process.

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What benefits have you experienced since Re-Leased has been up and running?

It has really been such a smooth process from start to finish – I can’t complain at all about the process to go-live with Re-Leased.

In terms of admin, it is at least saving 34 hours per month (previously it would take one working day or 8.5 hours per week ) in admin processing and accounting. It’s a huge time-saver for us that allows our team to focus on revenue-driving tasks, instead of pushing paper.

In terms of implementing the software, setting up the dummy account really helped iron out the initial mistakes I was making because it allowed me to essentially practice using the software, and then implement the correct procedure in the live account, which we used to run the business and our accounts.


How is technology giving you a competitive edge?

We are starting to look at using the apps for clients to visit, but currently Re-Leased is helping us get the foundations right and move forward from there to become even better innovators.

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