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Case Study: Re-Leased & Stasia

Stasia are redefining commercial development in Sydney

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John Frilingos

John Frilingos 
Project Manager, Stasia

Matt Harris Headshot

Matthew Harris
Project Coordinator, Stasia

About Stasia

Stasia is a diversified property and investment group working in prime areas of urban renewal in Sydney's inner city. They have a reputation for delivering quality residential and commercial developments and work with their clients to create high-impact, innovative and collaborative properties.  


The Problem

As a small company, Stasia was initially concentrating solely on their buildings, and not focusing on property management software as a way of doing things better.

Previously creating invoices in Microsoft Word and sending them to clients individually, they knew they needed to tighten up their admin operations and present themselves professionally to their billion-dollar start-up clients.

The Goal

  • Implement property management software that presents Stasia professionally to its clients.
  • Integrate with Xero in order to track expenses and automate invoicing.
  • Avoid wasted resources and allow staff to concentrate on what they love doing.

Prior to adopting Re-Leased, property management was costing approximately $600-$1,000 for each property per month. By using Re-Leased Stasia is seeing a 90% saving in property management expenses.

Matthew Harris,
Project Coordinator, Stasia Property

Developing efficient in-house property management with a best-in-class ecosystem.

Stasia is passionate about its development projects. So much so that until recently all of their focus has been put into the creation of their buildings, which has left no time to think about finding a property management software system that allows them to be more efficient.

As they are taking on more and larger clients however, they have recognised the need to streamline their admin in order to free up staff time from recurring property management tasks and present themselves more professionally to their clients.

“Re-Leased is extremely easy to use and very efficient. Once it is set up it runs automatically and I am able to access it from anywhere to see how everything is tracking. It allows us to concentrate on what we do best, and not have to waste resources on property management. It just makes life easier for us.” - John Filingros, Project Manager - Stasia

They required a system that would integrate fully with Xero, in order for them to be able to accurately view timely reporting, as well as automate day-to-day property management tasks to avoid wasted resources.

Re-Leased was simple to use, effective and efficient from the get-go. It was easy to upload information into, for all staff to use and access from anywhere. The full integration with Xero meant that management could log in from their desktops and view all real-time information in order to keep track on where their projects were at. For a small company like Stasia, this intuitive, automated software allowed them to concentrate on what they loved doing and leave the property management admin to Re-Leased.

As soon as they began trialling Re-Leased, staff at Stasia knew this was the property management software tool they needed to roll out to all of their clients and implemented it immediately.

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The Results

By using Re-Leased, Stasia has created efficiencies within their business and discovered ways to work smarter.

The integration with Xero allows them to ensure that invoices are sent out as well as tracking real-time accounting information from anywhere and stay on top of their project management.

Automating their property management admin, not only allows staff to concentrate on what they love doing but saves them time and money.

“If you are struggling with the everyday running of things, Re-Leased is a great product to bring everything in house, and make your property management operations more efficient”- Matt Harris

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