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Re-Leased Artificial Intelligence

Meet Credia.

Let Credia handle the grind. Automate end-to-end commercial property management workflows and invest your time where it matters most.

10x faster every day



Super speed, supercharged intelligence

Credia is the AI-powered Brain of Re-Leased, here to assist. 




Working on your behalf

Credia: the most capable intern you've ever had — who never sleeps. Directed by your needs, Credia automates the tedious tasks you'd rather not handle, freeing up your time for what matters most.





Email Assistance




Intelligent and Fast

Experience automated data extraction from leases, contracts, and invoices with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Ensure perfect alignment between your physical documents and Re-Leased, your ultimate digital source of truth.


Invoice Intelligence



Lease & Document Abstraction




Personal Property Advisor

Benefit from Credia's deep understanding of your business and industry-specific data. Pose questions about your unique challenges to receive timely, tailored advice exactly when you need it.


Specific Industry Regulation Knowledge



Ask questions about your portfolio with natural language report generation and commentary


Let's look at Credia Action in a workflow:

Take maintenance processing from 5min to 30sec


Take Action with Credia
For Maintenance

Re-Leased's Credia Action enhances the efficiency of Property Managers by recommending and completing optimal next actions for maintenance and more.

By integrating your Outlook email with Re-Leased, Credia Action can analyze your incoming emails from tenants and suppliers. It then suggests what actions you should take and automatically completes tasks for you.

Just Review and Approve. Complete Maintenance Tasks Magically Sparkle-yellow

With one click, Credia Action Panel offers automatic, step-by-step guidance for optimal responses and actions. 

Property managers can then effortlessly follow the recommended steps in response to tenant emails, all done automatically!

Close the Loop with Smart Email Responses

To reduce the time required for drafting emails, you can either use the pre-written email or compose your message from scratch. Change the tone, length or style.

All within one screen and workflow you have:

  • Created a Maintenance Task
  • Created a Quote Request
  • Created a Purchase or Work Order
  • Sent a Reply Email
Time check?

Just 30 seconds! Go from clicks to conversations

Our Approach to AI 

Re-Leased is moving from the platform that enables work, to the platform that does the work. 

Current World: Unstructured Data

The Daily Challenge

  • Property management is filled with requests, communication trails and off-site visits to clients, tenants, and suppliers.
  • This leads to a wealth of unstructured data — from emails to paper leases, calls and contracts, hidden in formats that are not easily accessible or usable.
New World: Structured Data

Unleashing AI's Potential

  • We are committed to transforming how this unstructured data is utilized, integrating and structuring this essential but often overlooked information into our platform.
  • The full potential of AI and automation is unlocked, accelerating processes but also eliminating the manual data entry that property managers and accountants face.


Our AI Development Philosophy

Impactful every day

This isn't just another chatbot. We're zeroing in on the activities that take up most of your time, so you can maximize the value you get from AI.

Small Change, Big Bang

We want to meet you where you already are, without forcing you to alter how you operate. Even though your behaviour stays the same, you'll see a significant improvement in outcomes.

You’re in control

You will have full control over the actions before they happen, with appropriate guardrails in place. And yes, you can still double-check everything before proceeding. This ensures you're always in the driver's seat.

Your data is safe

We don’t send your data to ChatGPT or other AI platforms. Your data stays within the Re-Leased ecosystem, so you can rest easy knowing it's secure.

The integration of AI functionality into the product is undoubtedly the best I have seen to date and I am excited to see it evolve.
Will Alexander
Director of Property Management, Bayleys Real Estate.

Trusted and Secure

At Re-Leased, we are committed to safeguarding your data with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our approach is centered on maintaining the utmost security and ethical standards, ensuring that our AI solutions are not only effective but also responsible. Here's how we protect your information and uphold our commitment to ethical AI:

  • Unique AI Model: We use our proprietary model, not ChatGPT.
  • Data Privacy Commitment: No training on customer data.
  • Third-Party Collaborations: Partnering with Microsoft to leverage the Azure OpenAI Service
  • Comprehensive Data Protection: Strict compliance standards to ensure data integrity and security. Rigorous compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws.


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