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Case Study: Re-Leased & KG Property

How KG Property is using Re-Leased Pay to save time and improve rent collection


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Kevin Grandison
Director, KG Property

How software helps Kevin run a property portfolio and hold down a full-time job

Kevin Grandison has been working in property for over ten years now, running KG Property, based in the West Midlands. However, managing KG Property is not all Kevin does; he also works full-time as an IT professional. 

I've been in property now for about 10 years. However, this has been in the background as I work full-time in IT.

And because Kevin is a busy man, it was very important he found the right software to help run his business. Being an IT professional Kevin also had a clear idea of the questions he needed to ask before signing up for any property system.

I tried lots of different types of applications looking for certain features. I think what swung it the most for me was the integration with Xero. A lot of the other property management software packages had very basic accounting that they had tried to build into their packages themselves.

However, with Re-Leased I could use Xero. I knew all the front-end stuff would go through to the back-end in Xero and that is a key benefit that swung it for me.”

Kevin also loved how user-friendly and beautiful the Re-Leased interface is.

I looked at a few interfaces across other products and they were all very clunky and old. Re-Leased is very well laid out with a great user interface across the various elements of its properties and tenancies.

Re-Leased has saved Kevin a lot of time, particularly when seeking out information to provide to tenants and local authorities. 

Historically, when I got 18 months down the line after an event, and either tenants or an authority had a query, I used to have to go through piles of books, folders, and everything. But now it's all in one place in Re-Leased and I have easy access to all this information anytime, anywhere.

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Improving the tenant experience

When considering the future of his business, Kevin is looking towards modest growth, but with a huge focus on improving processes to provide a better tenant experience. 

There are growth plans but it's making sure I am set up correctly to be able to make the most of it.

Kevin has recently set up Re-Leased Pay for his business to do just that. 

Re-Leased Pay has been very good. It has been a godsend for the people who have been using it to pay and has saved me lots of time. Having the ability for tenants to pay by credit or debit has been amazing and having the fee automatically calculated and added on to the tenant invoice is amazing. It can all happen in one system without me working it out. 

My tenants are happy that they can use credit cards to make a payment and they have found Re-Leased Pay very easy to use.

I reconcile the payments via Xero and Re-Leased Pay marks the invoice as paid in Re-Leased. That reconciliation works well and I'm happy with all the information that Re-Leased Pay shows - there's nothing missing.

Collecting more rent with Re-Leased Pay

As well as improving the tenant experience, Re-Leased Pay  has allowed Kevin to collect more rent by providing tenants with the option to pay by either credit card or direct debit. 

Re-Leased Pay has sped up my rent collection process. For tenants who may have delayed and delayed in the past, I can now send a Re-Leased Pay link and they can make payment quicker. With a card, tenants can just make the payments on credit and sort out their own finances and credit limits in the background. This is good because before the tenants would have to wait until they had the cash available.

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Information is everything, and software that keeps updated is everything else

Kevin has a keen understanding of the importance of information and high-quality data storage in his business. 

I want to have a helicopter view of my business. That's why I need software because it takes a lot of time to try and establish this view without it.

I love to capture a lot of information on my properties and there is so much information in Re-Leased. One feature I particularly like is the ability to add notes to each property so I can capture more about the property's history. I’m pretty dependent on Re-Leased now. 

Another key thing I like about Re-Leased is the user access levels. With these user permissions and with the software being cloud-based and online I can have other people work on my business for me. This was one of the key questions I asked when picking my property management software.

With his background in IT, Kevin also has a solid understanding of the importance of storing this information in a system that will stay relevant with regular updates. 

One of the reassuring services Re-Leased provides is the regular software releases. I found many other products became stagnant and nothing happened, but Re-Leased is active on improving the software through both developments and fixing bugs, which is great.


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