Seamless property management and accounting in the cloud

Connecting Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online could not be easier.

Our seamless two-way integration gives you access to one easy to use, fully integrated property management and accounting solution, which will make your work flow and your life easier.

Impress your tenants, turn your team into high performers and maximise your property portfolio returns with this powerful integration.



Why connect Re-Leased with QuickBooks Online?

Make your software your competitive advantage with an integrated property management and accounting suite, all connected in the cloud.

Get time back,
work smarter

Your property and finance teams will love how flexible, intuitive and collaborative your systems are with this integration. Re-Leased allows you to manage your properties, leases and tenants, while QuickBooks Online takes care of your accounting needs. 

Perfectly accurate data,
no more double entry

Integrating with QuickBooks Online creates a seamless sync that removes double entry — mitigating risk and freeing up time for you to grow your business. When you create an invoice in QuickBooks Online, it sends it to Re-Leased and vice-versa.

Take the pain out of property accounting

Merging with QuickBooks Online allows your teams to work together seamlessly and access the data they need to perform, giving them full visibility of your financial health — not just at tax time, but throughout the year, so you can make informed decisions.

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See QuickBooks Online and Re-Leased in action

Your data will be synced, meaning it will automatically update across both systems. You only need to input data once and it will be instantly available for all your team.



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Power up productivity with automation

Reduce admin by up to 75% and free up time to focus on your core business. Get end-to-end business visibility and take the pain out of commercial property management.

  • Automate transaction matching and reconciliation, fees and payments to creditors

  • Tenant invoices are automatically raised inline with leases
Gain instant visibility into business performance

Your property team will see up-to-date data on everything from arrears to tenant invoicing. The accounts team working in QuickBooks Online will receive every update, giving them financial clarity.

  • Increase productivity and collaboration with one, central source of truth

  • Work and collaborate on the move with our cloud-based software

Commercial Property Management Smarts

Your entire property management work cycle, including key dates, audit trails and tenant data, is always visible and your financial accounts are synced and up-to-date. 

  • Track rent, leases, maintenance, income and expenses by property or tenant

  • Instantly access key lease and client data on desktop or mobile

Work smarter, not harder with Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online.

  • Property developer / manager

  • Accountants

Property developer / manager


Re-leased is critical in the managing process for Zyyo in that the transparency and real-time data our fin-tech clientele receives is in alignment with our streamlined business practices. Their automated software and QuickBooks Online integration allows for our technology to operate at a higher level, specifically empowering our valuation techniques to constantly be priced at market value.

Nick Campisano, Managing Partner at Zyyo



At Bookkeeper360, many of our real estate clients have always wished for a cloud property management platform that integrated seamlessly with their accounting software. The days of our clients having servers on-premise or operating out of spreadsheets are over now thanks to Re-Leased.

Steven Muller, Vice President of Sales at Bookkeeper360

Pain-free on-boarding with tailored training and ongoing support

We'll manage your on-boarding from start to finish, ensuring seamless migration of data. Re-Leased is designed with a focus on usability and customer experience, so you'll be a pro in no time.

  • Flexible with unlimited users, your people can access data anywhere and on any device
  • Scalable to meet your needs now and in the future, with a proven return on investment
  • Innovative technology with constant, free, leading-edge feature updates and integrations with other software
  • Ready to go! Easy to implement, you will be supported every step of the way

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