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Commercial Property Management Software

For Property Managers


Manage, track and improve property management like never before with Re-Leased. Complete confidence and control from the get-go.

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Commercial Property Management Software

For Landlords, Owners & Investors


Sleep easy at night knowing Re-Leased takes care of important processes so you and your team are freed up to focus on high-value activities. 


Commercial Property Management Software

For Asset Managers


Understand where you’re performing best and replicate that across your portfolio. See what assets and offerings are delivering the highest yield and appreciating your portfolio’s value. 


Commercial Property Management Software

For Corporate Occupiers


 360° control, clarity and comfort across property and leases, and managing maintenance tasks easily from one dashboard.

Powering the world's commercial property brands. See our customers.

Introducing the Commercial Real Estate Connected Cloud

Connecting real estate, accounting and your business software in one global platform

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Leave mistakes, errors & lost revenue in the past

  • Business-wide clarity. Get a complete, 360-degree view of your properties and leases, tenants and everything in between.
  • Work with confidence. Mistakes can be costly in the property game. Say goodbye to missed rent reviews, failed compliance and human error.

  • Safeguard your data. Trust that your data is safe with the most secure property management software on the market.

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Unleash growth without more staff. Save time & money

Managing multiple systems, locations, tenancies and properties can be a challenge. Re-Leased brings it all into one place.

  • Automate manual processes at speed. Reminders of lease events, generating & sending invoices, collecting rent, chasing arrears, and more. 

  • Focus on high-impact work. Bring on new business without headcount, delivering stand-out service, and acting on opportunities.

  • Flexibility to scale. Trust Re-Leased with your core operations and integrate it into leading cloud solutions you need now and in the future. 



Still working on spreadsheets or old software?

Make life easier for your team with solutions they’ll love

  • Increase staff retention. Your staff now expect modern tools to help them do their job. Re-Leased makes the complex easy for your team.  

  • Freedom from the office. With easy-to-use, cloud solutions, you can work from anywhere and have more meaningful conversations with tenants and landlords.

  • Re-Leased works and thinks like an industry pro. It’s been built by people who've been in your shoes and know what information you need at your fingertips. 


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You're in good company

See your portfolio flourish, your team thrive & your tenants happy

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Re-Leased saved us over 35 hours of administration per week — lowering costs and freeing up time for us to focus on growing our business.
Matt Fitzgerald, Partner and Head of Property & Asset Management
Re-Leased is a game-changer when it comes to managing our operations. It means we’ll never miss key dates, rent escalations or opportunities to renew with our tenants. We no longer have to spend our time on manual tasks and can focus on making good business decisions. It’s a lot more strategic and growth orientated.
Severina Lutaj, Chief Growth Officer
Prior to adopting Re-Leased, property management was costing approximately $600-$1,000 for each property per month. By using Re-Leased Stasia is seeing a 90% saving in property management expenses.
John Frilingos & Matthew Harris, Project Manager and Coordinator
Re-Leased was a standout product for me. I knew I needed something that for the next 10 years was going to have the ability to change with me. Everything else I had used in the past was inflexible.
Allan Satterthwaite, Director
AMS Property
When you’re reviewing a tenancy with a tenant, talking about things like when their term renewal is, instead of lugging around a lease document, you can log into Re-Leased and all that information is at your fingertips.
Annah Kight, Director
Mackersey Development
We had a fantastic support network when we initially set it up and even now if we have an issue they will come out and help us - the support is incredible. I recommend Re-Leased because it’s easy, it saves us time and it helps us be as accurate as possible.
Nick Healy, Director
Attune Asset Management
Before we got Re-Leased and Xero, about three times a week we were FedExing hard copies to our accountant in Maine, and in return he was FedExing it back. Re-Leased has given us a way to really not have to do that anymore.
Jaime Simchik, Principal
100 Market Group
It’s the only SaaS-based tool out there that operates in the cloud and makes property management accounting and bookkeeping a lot more efficient.
Ryan Zysman, Co-Founder
Future Balance
It's important when talking with our clients that they know we understand their business. That's why working with industry-specific apps such as Re-Leased adds so much value and builds so much trust for us with them.
Joel Topham, David Walsh, Sarah Powel
Sagars and Pickard Properties

Rapid onboarding & ongoing support

With a strong focus on ease of use and world-leading customer experiences, we'll help manage your onboarding from start to finish.

  • Migrating data is traditionally painful. We do the heavy lifting and handle that for you. 

  • Receive tailored training to ensure your team are Re-Leased certified.

  • Once you’re up and running, we'll be here to support, should you need a helping hand.

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