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How Barnsdales Group Is Using Data To Scale Up


Jason Barnsdale
Managing Director, barnsdales group

Established in 1905, Barnsdales is one of the leading property consultancies in the United Kingdom. The team of over 50 property consultants, chartered surveyors, and facilities managers provide a full range of integrated property services to both corporate and private clients. Jason Barnsdale is the Managing Director and the fourth generation of the Barnsdale family to run the business. He’s now leading the company into its next chapter, offering outstanding client advice against a culture of constant innovation.

Setting the foundation for success

The introduction of cloud technology has enabled Barnsdales Group to become extremely flexible and reactive to its clients’ needs, whether operating on-site or working from home. This has become crucial throughout the COVID-19 period. In order to manage over 3,000 tenancies, Re-Leased’s software is essential for Jason and his team.

Re-Leased imports and deals with rent collection, and matches rents against demands for us driving a huge amount of automation and streamlining our business processes.


This means that, across our 3,000 tenancies, we can get those rents allocated and paid to the client far quicker than we could without Re-Leased. It has made our business much more efficient.


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Gaining a competitive edge with data

With their operations automated, Barnsdales began to look at other ways to optimise and grow their business, including how they could better use their data to make decisions.

This led Jason to partner with CREDIA, Re-Leased’s business and analytics tool for real estate professionals. CREDIA pulls property management data into easy-to-interpret, real-time dashboards showing trends across net effective yield, arrears, rent collection, cash forecasts and more.

By equipping themselves with real-time access to powerful business intelligence, Barnsdales have established a competitive advantage that allows them to better manage more properties.

The data provided through our CREDIA dashboards provides us with insight into our clients’ needs and those of our tenants. We use this tool to understand the state of rent collections and other crucial business indicators.


We believe the data we receive gives us a significant competitive edge. The more information we have, and crucially, the better the quality of the data we have at our disposal, the better we can understand our business, and the more effectively we can manage our clients’ properties.


Using information from CREDIA means we can provide vital market analysis and identify trends from the data we receive, not least around payment cycles. This has proved invaluable during the COVID-19 lockdown, which has affected a range of business activities.
Jason Barnsdale


Putting landlords and tenants on the same page

Using data has also been critical during times of change to drive informed conversations with tenants, especially those in the retail sector. Working together with tenants to understand what they need during lockdowns, how landlords can provide assistance, and where data can play a part is the new normal, says Jason.

Using information from CREDIA means we can provide vital market analysis and identify trends from the data we receive, not least around payment cycles. This has proved invaluable during the COVID-19 lockdown, which has affected a range of business activities.


The pandemic has led to a greater understanding of the need for stronger, more mutually-beneficial relationships between landlord and tenant. The days of confrontation are over.





Ready to scale for the future

Looking forward, Jason sees plenty of commercial real estate opportunities on the horizon. In retail, he’s predicting a reinvention of the high street into more local shops that serve the community. On the other side, the growth of online retail will only increase the demand for industrial assets.

With all this activity comes the potential for growth and for more data, and this is where Jason’s foundational partnership with Re-Leased and CREDIA will set Barnsdales up for success.

We couldn’t scale up our business without reliable technology and the data it helps to generate. Consequently, there has to be absolute confidence in the software being used. We have that with Re-Leased and with CREDIA. We know that the data we use is reliable, and we know it meets the standards required by industry regulators.


By using Re-Leased and CREDIA we can go ‘above and beyond’ in terms of providing better data and greater analysis for our clients. Showing that we’re ‘best in class’, by presenting well-sourced, quality data better than anyone else, is the most effective way of highlighting the job we can do for customers, both existing and potential. We are confident this activity will ultimately grow our business, enabling us to better serve an increasing number of clients and their tenants.



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