Bring all your daily activities into one mobile workspace

Save valuable personnel hours with Re-Leased's set-and-forget workflow automations. Intelligent automation lets you complete complex tasks in seconds, not hours, boosting your efficiency. 

  • Plan and track daily, on the go, and all from one screen or your mobile
  • Instantly access key lease information and client data
  • Streamline your workday and make decisions with ease
Daily activities for Property Management Software



Watch your property management admin
time drop by over 75%

Don’t waste time on repetitive manual processes. Re-Leased’s intelligent automation lets you complete complex tasks in seconds, not hours, boosting your efficiency. Reduce your administration workload by over 75% with set-and-forget workflow automations.

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Software for property management workflow

Leaders in Commercial Real Estate Property software

As the commercial real estate industry continues to evolve, Re-Leased constantly innovates to deliver groundbreaking and unmatched customer experiences. Being leaders in Property Management and Lease Administration, you can be sure your team will be one step ahead. 

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Activity Plex Software for Property Management
“We no longer have to spend all of our time on manual tasks and can focus on making good business decisions. It’s a lot more strategic and growth orientated.”


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Never miss a critical action item again with the smart dashboard

Managing commercial property requires you to stay ahead of hundreds or thousands of critical action items every year including rent reviews, lease expiries, health and safety compliance and property inspections. 

  • The smart calendar dashboard automatically populates with all vital action items
  • Providing full oversight and control in one screen for an individual or a team
  • Users and management have peace of mind that they will never miss a key date, task or event
Maintenance software for Property Management

Get paid fast with
Re-Leased Pay

Get paid faster, in full, and reduce administration costs with Re-Leased Pay.

We’ve partnered with the leading payment processor, Stripe, to provide you and your tenants with an integrated payment solution, enabling payment via credit card and direct debit ACH for North America, and credit card and pre-authorized debit in Canada, as well as the ability to set up recurring rent payments. 

This will mean you will have the ability to track payments that are coming into your business in real-time, and provide your tenants with a secure, hassle-free, and flexible way to pay their arrears.


Rent Review - 27th Aug

This is an overdue rent review on the property 101 Weston Street.

Inspection - 8th Jun

There is an upcoming inspection on the property 16 Bramley Road.

Maintenance Check - 16th May

There is a maintenance check on the property Oakford House.

Term Renewal - 30th Jul

Term renewal due for the Wessex Street property.

Lease Expiry - 14th Nov

Lease term is expiring on 14th.

The property management landscape is changing.
Are you positioned for the future?

Re-Leased is a flexible, robust and sophisticated solution, designed to reduce the stress and workload
of your daily activities today and to support you into the future. Give your business a leading edge.

Make your Property Accounting a Breeze

Manage company and property finances with full functionality property accounting. 

Gain Clarity with CREDIA
Intelligent Analytics

Improve the performance of your business by turning data into your most valuable asset.

  • Live Reporting Improve or grow your clients' portfolios & provide regular reporting with ease.
  • Property Intelligence From property to team performance, monitor your business in real-time and extract business opportunities.

Strengthen Tenant
& Owner Relationships

Differentiate your business, gain a competitive advantage and strengthen your relationships.

  • Tenant Mobile App Give your tenants the full visibility of their tenancy with the ability to log maintenance and more.
  • Landlord Insights App Deliver owners oversight of how their portfolio is tracking.





In 40+


Daily Task Management

Daily Task Management

Know what you have to do, when you have to do it. Have all your key data, analytics, and people in one place.

Popular Features

  • Alerts for critical events
  • Daily task notifications
  • Maintenance & inspection hubs
Lease and Invoice Automation

Lease and Invoice Automation

Our industry leading workflow automation lets managers complete repetitive tasks in seconds, not hours.

Popular Features

  • Click of a button arrears & budgets
  • Auto create rent & expense invoices
  • Auto send to tenants & landlords
Workplace Collaboration

Workplace Collaboration

Collaborate across your team, share insights with owners, engage with tenants and tradespeople.

Popular Features

  • Auto request & accept trade quotes
  • Document storage & security
  • Email & SMS communication
Designed for Ease of Use

Designed for Ease of Use

Get more done in less time with software that's just that easy to use.

Popular Features

  • Enhanced global search
  • Easily share, review & extract
  • Full training & onboarding
Add-on Cloud Apps

Add-on Cloud Apps

Customize your experience with top performing add-ons that fit your needs.

Popular Features

  • QuickBooks Online and Xero
  • Calendar integrations
  • Maintenance & inspections
Continual Tech Innovation

Continual Tech Innovation

Re-Leased is leading the way in mobile design and cloud innovation.

Popular Features

  • Mobile apps
  • Feature rich cloud solution
  • Regular software updates

“I’m loving using this software and am feeling very much in control of my property portfolios. It is leaps and bounds ahead of other property management software that I have used before. I am particularly impressed with the hands-on support offered through implementation and training.”

PROPERTY PROJEX | Julie-Anne Jefferson

“In terms of cost saving, we are able to delegate tasks to individual team members. And the leadership team can focus on the strategic rather than operational activities – we turned a 5 day job into a 4 day job.”

KEA | Helen Stewart

“With previous systems we would have to sometimes wait a week [for support]. But Re-Leased’s response speed is incredible. Also time spent managing arrears is saved, with reports and the ability to send an invoice directly to the tenant from the system.”

RAY WHITE | Jenny Giuffrida

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