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Tips for Modernising Tenant Communication in the Era of Information Mobility

 |  18 April 2019

Bringing your commercial property business into the modern age requires solid investment, both in time and in finances in order to develop (and execute) on a strategy that’s truly tech-first. We’re in the era of information mobility, where access anywhere at anytime is no longer a commercial property luxury but now a non-negotiable necessity. This is where the entrance of mobile technology has made such a profound impact on the CRE industry.

One of the often forgotten segments that benefit from innovation is tenant communication. Now it seems like there may not be much wriggle room for improvement in comms between property managers, self-managing landlords and tenants, but there is and it’s around the power of the software that drives the business’s property management.

First thing’s first: cloud-based software is the foundation to bringing your business into the modern age of communication

Robust cloud-based property management software provides you with the tools you need to streamline your property management tasks, while boosting your team’s net efficiency rating. Traditional property management systems are rigid, unadaptable, and expensive to upkeep leaving you with bloated bills and very little functionality to excel in today’s competitive environment.

When shopping around for property management software, keep an eye out on their mobile technology offering – that is, do they offer mobile apps to bolster their cloud-based software? If the answer is no, you should consider looking elsewhere.

But if the answer is yes, then that is a great sign that your potential software partner is invested in their product, and they’re plugged into what the modern commercial property management market is seeking.

But how does this benefit our communication with tenants?

The traditional way tenants communicate with landlords and property managers is to email or call (in some instances both approaches are exhausted), which is an extremely inefficient way of communicating. Most communication between parties is due to maintenance issues or requests for legal documents such as lease agreements, and that takes the property professional away from their high level tasks.

And for commercial tenants, who are often busy running their own business, the same sentiment rings true. Nobody has time to be confined to traditional communication methods for something that can be streamlined.

Mobile applications, such as tenant apps, landlord apps and property manager apps, are built to boost efficiencies in communication no matter what information concerned parties are seeking. Important documents such as lease agreements, maintenance task requests, inspection dates, and utility bills are stored directly in the mobile system, eliminating time spent on back and forth communication.

For modern property professionals who are on the move, having access to key information whenever required helps to:

  • Keep the whole business connected, no matter where they are
  • Keep information secure
  • Ensure that information is up to date with real-time updates
  • Provide the framework for flexible working arrangements
  • Streamline communication between tenants
  • Ensure that maintenance tasks are never missed
  • Alert tenants, landlords and property managers to arrears
  • Provide access to key financial information and reports

Modern landlords and property managers should be on the cloud and should be running their businesses inline with being mobile with their information. If you’re not embracing and adapting to the age of information mobility, you are risking falling behind and the catch up game today is costly.


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