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Re-Leased Customer Love Sprint: The Valentine’s Day edition

 |  14 February 2024
Valentines Blog post-1

This year, February seemed like the perfect time for embarking on yet another Customer Love journey. With Valentine’s Day in mind, we set the launch date to the 14th and started working towards a blooming good Customer Love Sprint product release as a way to show our appreciation and gratitude to our customers for their ongoing support.

As the month progressed, our product and engineering teams immersed themselves again into a two-week sprint, solely focusing on the new Customer Love Sprint work (a sprint refers to a short, usually two-week time period during which teams work on a set of predefined tasks and objectives) without other distractions.

Now that the work has been completed, the teams are brimming with excitement to showcase to you some of the latest 2024 Customer Love Sprint enhancements.

Blooming good features

To learn more about the 2024 Customer Love Sprint Valentine’s Day enhancements, our Product Managers have created short demo videos and product description summaries for you below. Each video will showcase some of the key improvements they worked on, ranging from feature refinements to visual enhancements.

Property Management 

Maintenance Hub improvements:

  • Task status ordering has been revised, prioritizing the display of the most urgent or imminent tasks at the top of the list automatically.
  • The overdue status has been integrated into the Due Date feature, enhancing the ease of selection between dates.
  • Additional filters have been introduced, enabling users to filter tasks by property or tenancy with greater specificity.

Maintenance task updates:

  • Introducing time-tracking capability to maintenance tasks!
  • Image files can now be previewed as thumbnails eliminating the need to download the files to view them

Managing work orders:

  • Select your preferred default work order template for all new work orders
  • The key reference field is now available as a merge field in these templates

Property details enhancements:

  • Keys with a key reference can now be easily searched directly using the search field situated in the properties area. The Property Key Status Report also now features a clickable reference field, allowing for direct navigation to the respective key pages.

  • In the tenancies section, you can now access archived tenancies through a new 'Archived' tab

  • If you are reinstating an archived tenancy, the system now gives you a warning if your utility meter rating exceeds 100% allocation. The same warming screen also now gives you options for the next steps. 
  • The areas section now allows you to store EPC rating information at an area level

  • The insurance section is now much more user-friendly with sortable column headings and new columns, including start date, renew date, and cover.

  • The documents section now supports adding and viewing Exported Email Files (.EMLX) email files and .zip files 

Other property management improvements:

  • Dashboard tiles now have titles, including Arrears, Late Fees, Maintenance and more

Learn more about Property Management in Re-Leased here.

Tenancy Management

Late fee improvements: 

  • You can now use the bank rate instead of the annual rate when creating late fee rules
  • Add future tenants to late fee rules as part of completing the new tenancy workflow

Budget improvements:

  • Unlock budget balancing charges reconciliation step  
  • Budget expense report “Show accounts not in the budget” 

Rent forms and agreements improvements:

  • A new Current Rent Frequence merge field is now available in rent templates

Learn more about tenancy management in Re-Leased here

Property Reporting


Introducing the Favourite Reports feature! Keep frequently used reports easily accessible by bookmarking them for quick retrieval anytime.

Tenancy Schedule/Rent Roll enhancements:

  • Filter for more than one company simultaneously
  • You can now customize your Tenancy Schedule/Rent Roll report to display only essential information by using the Hide Area Rows feature
Other property reporting enhancements: 

  • Security Deposit Balance now available in the Summary Metrics of the Tenancy Schedule/Rent Roll
  • See archived tenancies and contacts in the Tenant List report
  • Added GST status to the Contacts List Export
  • Property Fee Rules upgrades
  • New data totals in the Tenancy Schedule/Rent Roll
  • Tenancy Summary Notes now stay together
  • Update Invoice Details and Payments Report to state Connected Accounting Overpayments are not included
Learn more about Property Reporting in Re-Leased here.

Re-Leased Pay and Communications

Re-Leased Payment hub improvements:

  • The page now has a new look and feel 
  • We've introduced new invoice and payment statuses in the online payment and payout tabs to help users highlight and manage their most important payment information

Tenancy improvements:

  • In the tenancy summary page, you can now see which contacts have set up recurring Re-Leased Pay online payments

Tenant invoice payment portal improvements:

  • Now shows which contacts have set recurring payments 

Learn more about Re-Leased Pay online payments here.

Connected Trust/Client Accounting and Invoicing

  • New bank statements page – filter by reconciliation status and sort by dates
  • Default tax exclusive/inclusive setting for expense invoices
  • Easier to apply tenancy funds to invoices
  • View archived rent templates
  • 4 decimal places on unit prices (excludes connected accounting customers)
  • More accurate income invoices for non-VAT selected properties
  • More accurate rent/outgoings/repeating invoices for non-GST registered owners
  • Invoice reference is now shown when disbursing creditors
  • Tenancy name now shown on bond transfers
  • Other little tweaks to make working in Re-Leased smoother! 
Learn more about Connected Trust/Client Accounting in Re-Leased here.

Accounting Integrations

Improved user experience in the sync results area:
  • Now a full-width page, meaning no information gets cut off and there's no need for horizontal scrolling
  • Companies dropdown list is now in alphabetical order
  • Default rows per page selection now lets you choose from 25, 50, 100 or all

Other accounting integration enhancements:

  • Managing your connected accounting integrations is now simpler, as all relevant information relating to your connection can be conveniently accessed and managed directly from a pop-up screen, which eliminates the need to navigate away from the Integrations & Add-ons area. 
  • A new beta feature: sync Re-Leased Work Orders to Xero as Purchase Orders! If you would like to test the feature and share your thoughts on it, please get in touch with thomas.everton@re-leased.com.

Learn more about Accounting Integrations in Re-Leased here.


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