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Improving Employee Experience with Modern Property Management Software

 |  27 May 2024

In today's competitive commercial real estate landscape, improving the employee experience is crucial to achieving business goals. One often-overlooked asset that can significantly impact this is modern property management software.

At Re-Leased our purpose is to power commercial real estate – the backbone of our community – through technology so that the people behind the property thrive. With advancements in cloud-based technology and modern APIs, we can share data seamlessly between different software solutions, tightly embedded, where everything talks to each other. This means our users experience a unified and comprehensive platform.

Let's explore how the right software can transform your team's daily operations and enhance overall productivity.

The Role of Software in Employee Experience 

Software as a Critical Asset 
Many property management companies view software as a mere functional requirement rather than a strategic asset. However, this perspective misses the critical link between software and employee experience. Employees spend a significant portion of their workweek using property management software, and embedding the right system can be pivotal in attracting and retaining top talent. 

“It’s actually important to view software as an asset in your business and importantly an asset that can make sure that your employees are having an experience, that supports what you’re ultimately trying to achieve.” 

- Matt Johl, APAC Regional Sales Manager

The Pitfalls of Outdated Systems 
Using outdated server systems, non-specialised software, or less innovative platforms leads to disconnection and inefficiency. Disconnected systems force staff to juggle between different tools for emails, document storage, tenant communication, invoicing, and more. This fragmented approach results in stress, miscommunication, poor data quality, and human errors. 

Benefits of Modern Property Management Software

Enhanced Mobility  
Remote work and on-the-go data access are essential. Modern property management software is cloud-based, allowing teams to access property information, documents, and communication channels from anywhere, anytime. Mobile applications further enhance this mobility, enabling property managers to access live information, view statements, create maintenance tasks, and upload photos on the spot. 

Re-Leased's mobile apps including the Property Manager App, Tenant App and Landlord App. Enables property professionals to deliver prompt service from wherever they are – at client meetings, on the road or in the office. Allowing you to instantly connect with what you need when you need it, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere.

✅ Speed up how you work
✅ Deliver service that wows
✅ Everyone on the same page

Alison Collis, Director at Modo Property shares the remarkable functionality of the Property Manager App, emphasising its capacity to provide her with instantaneous access to essential information from any location. This capability not only enhances her availability but also enables her to effortlessly furnish clients with real-time assistance, thereby elevating the quality of service and communication provided by Modo Property.

Read more here about how Modo Property has improved their operations with Re-Leased

Improved Usability 
Clunky, difficult-to-use software is a significant barrier to productivity. Modern software prioritises usability, providing a centralised platform for quick and intuitive access to necessary information. This not only boosts productivity but also reduces the learning curve for new employees, leading to higher job satisfaction. 

Re-Leased offers features like a rent review hub, allowing users to view and action rent reviews across their portfolio easily. The Report Builder tool simplifies report generation, making it easy to filter, adjust, and save reports. 

Simplifying Complex Tasks 
Property management involves juggling various complex tasks. Modern software automates processes and provides comprehensive tools for each stage of property management, from setting up lease agreements to generating reports. This simplification frees up your team to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles. 

Creating an outgoings budget for a multi-tenanted commercial property becomes streamlined with automated calculations, tracking, and reconciliations, drastically reducing the time and effort required. 

Better Collaboration 
Effective property management requires seamless collaboration among team members, tenants, and property owners. Modern software features shared document libraries, task assignments, and instant messaging, fostering teamwork and ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

Investing in modern property management software can significantly enhance your team's mobility, usability, task management, and collaboration. This leads to improved operational efficiency, reduced risk of mistakes, and increased capacity for meaningful tenant and client interactions.  

By prioritising employee experience through the right software, you'll be better positioned to retain and attract top talent, ultimately driving your business toward greater success. 

Transform your property management operations today with innovative software solutions and experience the difference in employee satisfaction and productivity. 


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