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The 3 AI Personalities

 |  18 June 2024

This is Part 2 of our 6 Part Practical AI Guide.

Many of our customers come to us with the question - How, where and when should I use AI in my work?

We think that the best way to approach this is through frameworks. 

As an example, here's one we use when considering where AI can best support teams in CRE. Meet the 3 AI Personalities.

Meet "Super You" 

Imagine having superhuman abilities like lightning-fast task completion and endless energy—a Super You. What would you choose to do as a Super You?

Whether it's extracting important information from complex documents or organising data for analysis, A Super You would do it all with precision and in a fraction of the time. By automating data extraction, Super You opens up time for you to focus on more strategic aspects of your real estate business.

An example of a tool that you could use to do this is Affinda. Tools like this have an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data extractor can be an invaluable tool in organising, analysing, and managing the tons of paperwork involved in property management. We hate to brag but this is also what Credia was made for.

Meet "Your Best Intern"

Think about all the tedious tasks you could delegate—ones for which you could create a manual or procedural document to train another staff member to carry out. This is where our Best Intern comes in. This AI personality encourages you to envision having a virtual assistant who handles tasks you'd rather avoid. 

For instance, think about managing email communications and scheduling appointments. Or generating reports or conducting research on your behalf. These are all tasks your Best Intern can take care of.  

The best part is your Best Intern could also operate at a speed that is ten times faster than a human intern. Again, AI is freeing up your time allowing you to focus on high-value activities that require your expertise.  

A tool that we came across that was very interesting but is more suited to the residential property space is Elise AI. Elise helps build better relationships with prospects and allows onsite teams to be more efficient during every step of the leasing process. Another tool that is using AI to automate a bunch of facility management services is Infogrid. They are using IoT technology such as building sensors to help with Energy Savings and Cleaning Schedules.

Other products like Zapier or Beam.ai, whilst being a bit more complex to set up, are specialising in the building more general agents in a variety of industries.


Meet "Your Brainy Best Friend"

Having access to timely and accurate advice is crucial in commercial real estate. This is where your Brainy Best Friend comes in. This AI personality forces you to think about areas of your role and industry you wish you had a deeper understanding of.  

Your brainy best friend is like having a knowledgeable colleague who is always available to provide insights and guidance. Whether you need to make informed investment decisions, analyse market trends, or navigate complex regulations, your brainy best friend has you covered. Simply pose your questions and receive timely advice based on reliable data and industry expertise.

A various number of major real estate firms are investing in AI for this very purpose. A great example is Capital Market Quants by JLL .


Disrupt Yourself as an Organisation


Another perspective we'd like to offer is to imagine yourself as an organization. What changes would you make to disrupt your own operations if you approached yourself in this way? 

We have a few thoughts that might be helpful on this journey.


A lot of these frameworks and thinking drive our product development process at Re-Leased and we love that we can share them with you. 

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