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How To Drive Strategic Property Portfolio Decisions

 |  18 July 2023

Commercial real estate is facing more change now than in the last century, and it needs to start fighting back.

A new competitor has solidified its place in the commercial real estate landscape – technology. 

This new foe in town has changed the industry for good, as your competitor is no longer the building down the road – it’s an employee’s spare room where they work from home or it’s an online shopping experience.

While apps like Zoom and Teams were available pre-pandemic, they have now become everyday, mainstream commercial tools. Before 2020, working from home or hybrid working wasn’t so widely accepted but now it is commonplace and often demanded. 

The end of passive property management

This is leading to tenants demanding more flexible lease terms, a trend that Re-Leased expects to continue - meaning a change in strategy is required. 

If you're an owner or a manager of a property and you don't have the security of tenure from a long lease, you really need to change the way you would manage or own that property.

It's no longer about passive management around rent collection and maintenance. You need to strategically manage that building. You need to deeply understand your tenants.

Not only that, but you need to understand your assets themselves, and the markets they operate in. Having the confidence that your tenants are happy and your space is desirable is imperative in this business environment, as having an unwanted property sit on the market is a huge problem. 

Having a clear understanding of your business in real-time, not just using a gut feel, will be critical going forward.

Out with the old data, in with the new  

While still important, traditional data points such as WALT and WALE are not as significant when viewed in isolation due to less security around long-term leases. When WALT is cross-referenced with arrears, passing rent vs. ERV, etc. and then married up with qualitative insights, such as what conversations your team are having, it becomes powerful.  

There are also new data points being examined, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), which can help determine tenant satisfaction and the likelihood of renewing. 

ESG-focused regulations and targets are yet another example where up-to-date information is becoming a must-have. Many tenants will now not sign a lease, or an investor won’t purchase a building if it does not meet the standards the business is trying to achieve. If you are unable to meet that target, or, in fact, even give them that data, that is going to get in the way of them signing. 

There is also an emerging trend around Green Leases where some of the longer leases being signed are driven by a mutual ESG-driven agreement between the landlord and tenant to improve the space towards net-zero targets. 

New legislation is quickly being rolled out around the world as it relates to ESG, and if you do not meet these, you will be penalised. It’s not a matter of if, but when. 

This is yet another reason it is imperative that you understand your building, how it is performing, and what you need to do to fix it.

A whole new world

We have indeed entered a new world in commercial real estate. 

The old world was a time of disconnected, siloed information across your employees, your spreadsheets, your property management system, your accounting system and your tenant experience. The new world of commercial real estate has data at its core and systems and processes wrapped around that.

Investors, landlords, asset managers, investment managers, and JV partners are demanding the same transparency into their property portfolio as any other investment. 

Re-Leased Insights is a portfolio insights and analytics tool that surfaces data to these stakeholders through a strategic lens. We are challenging the industry’s traditional way of decision-making and communicating. 

Insights gives you a full overview of what's happening in the business, what's happening in the wider market, and how that relates to your company in real time. It’s a whole new world and way of operating.

Elevate insight for full business confidence

Re-Leased is your central hub for your operations with all your lease events, invoicing, accounts, property and tenant information.  

Re-Leased Insights acts as the brain of the platform, connecting your data and analysing your portfolio through easily digestible dashboards. This gives you the full view of any potential risks, such as tenants that are in arrears, cash flow issues and more. 

Move away from out-of-date analysis and bring key decisions to the forefront of your work immediately. Understand where you’re performing best and replicate that across your portfolio. See which assets are delivering your highest yield and value to ensure your property portfolio continues to appreciate. 

Whether it be a team meeting, a regular catch-up with an asset owner, or a quarterly report with investors, Re-Leased Insights provides easy access to information relating to the specific portfolio, or property that you require – with zero downtime. 

By harnessing this data, users can have delay-free dialogue in important meetings allowing for strategic, effective business decisions to be made, in the room. 

This is the new world of commercial real estate.
See how Re-Leased Insights give you full business confidence.


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