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Say Goodbye to Commercial Rent Collection Hassles

 |  8 May 2023

As a property manager or landlord, collecting rent from tenants can be a stressful and time-consuming process. But with the rise of technology, modern rent collection has become more streamlined and efficient than ever before.  

By simplifying the rent collection process through automated rent reminders, online payment options and real-time financial reporting, property managers and finance teams can reduce the time and effort required to collect rent, while also gaining valuable insights into their financial performance. This allows them to focus on other areas of their business, such as property maintenance and tenant relations, leading to greater operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction. 

5 Modern Methods in Commercial Real Estate to Get Paid FasterScreen Shot 2023-05-03 at 2.51.10 PM

1. Speed up invoicing with automation

Lean on a smart property management system that automates invoicing. Re-Leased will automatically generate rent invoices and send these out to your tenants. No longer will you have to manually create different invoices for different tenants across your buildings.

We've seen customers save up to 75% of their admin time by using automation compared to using spreadsheets or inefficient software.

2. Give tenants flexible payment options

This is particularly important when managing commercial real estate as the easier it is for tenants to pay you with online rent payments, the quicker they do. For property managers and landlords, you’re also significantly reducing the time spent reconciling invoices and chasing arrears.

Make it easy for tenants to pay online with Re-Leased Pay. Your tenants no longer have to log into their bank account, manage clunky payment experiences, or worse, use cheques - they can pay online with direct debit or credit card straight from their email.
After paying their first rent invoice online, tenants can easily set up a recurring payment, so their ongoing payments are sorted, and you never chase payments again. This not only makes it more convenient for tenants, but it also makes it easier for property managers to keep track of payments and reconcile accounts.
RL Pay w background sample
3. Enable set-and-forget arrears workflows

Get a clear overview of any tenants that fall into arrears and quickly see how many days they're overdue and how much is outstanding. Re-Leased will also automatically send out personalized communications to tenants based on how you want the system to follow up. A tenant might get a text reminder after 3 days, an email after 5 days and on day 8 you can get a reminder to call them. 

No more time is wasted on tracking and following up and the system has a full trail of all communications. Get peace of mind and paid rent. 

Read more about taking the hassle out of arrears HERE

Arrears - no bg
4. Easy payment reconciliation

Whether you use accounting software or our Trust Accounting or Client Accounting module, Re-Leased Pay makes it easy to reconcile your tenants' online payments. 

  • Through our integrations with accounting software, payments are automatically marked as paid in your accounting system.
  • With our Trust/Client Accounting solution, simply upload your bank statement.

    There's no need for you to find and match your invoices. Re-Leased Pay will look for a reference and automatically match all payments. 
5. Track payments & arrears at a glance, and gain vital insights

Re-Leased also offers real-time reporting, so property managers and owners can see the status of rent payments at a glance. They can view which tenants have paid, which tenants are late, and how much rent is outstanding.

This allows property managers to take action quickly if a tenant is late with their payment, such as sending a reminder or initiating the eviction process. 

Make informed decisions, take the best actions

Re-Leased Insights acts as the brain of the platform, connecting your data and analysing your portfolio through easily digestible dashboards. With Re-Leased, you’ll have the ultimate source of truth, providing you with instant access to comprehensive portfolio analysis and performance management.

Arrears Dashboard_Re-Leased_Insights

Operational Insights makes risks visible, so that teams stay focused on what matters:

  • Increasing income from your portfolio by getting ahead of upcoming lease events

  • Managing tenants to ensure they’re paying their amounts due on time

  • Keeping properties insured, maintained and complying with local regulations

Easily schedule delivery of important information. Get the arrears report before the finance meeting or the lease management overview before your catch up with the asset management team. Simply set up filtered or unfiltered exports of a dashboard to hit your desired inbox on a regular basis. 

Set conditional parameters on specific tiles to alert executives and relevant team members. For instance, if the arrears amount for high-risk tenants is increasing, set a threshold on the tile to trigger a notification.


Break free from outdated systems and have the freedom and flexibility to create a solution that perfectly fits your needs now and in the future.


Get Paid Faster Today

Take the hassle out of managing commercial rent arrears with Re-Leased.
Speed up rent collection and automate chasing late payments. 

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