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The Re-Leased Tenant App Is “A Game Changer”

 |  1 May 2018

Re-Leased has been designed to engage with all of the key stakeholders within a property, perhaps the most important of which is the tenant.

The Re-Leased Tenant App gives your tenants access and control. The features and tools within the app work hard to help improve the tenant experience and therefore differentiate your management services from your competition.

From access to payment details to logging maintenance tasks and communicating with other stakeholders, our Tenant App is packed full of value for everyone.

“The tenant app is a game changer. Tenants have everything they need right on their smartphones. The property management world just got a little easier with Re-Leased.” 

– Peter Shishkov, Property Manager, Auger Properties

Payments & Lease Details

Through the app, tenants are given access to all of the details pertaining to their tenancy.

As a place to store and share all necessary documentation, including PDFs and JPEGs, tenants have instant access to their tenancy agreement and lease details. This acts to reassure them at all times of their rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Tenants are also able to see any upcoming payments, including rent and service charges, as to avoid missing a due-date. If, however, they still do, the app will alert them to any arrears that remain unpaid.


Direct from the home screen, tenants can see any upcoming inspections and maintenance tasks which they need to be aware of. The details of all past inspections and maintenance tasks are also available, archived within the app.

The Re-Leased Tenant App enables tenants to log their own maintenance issues, which saves the property manager the trouble of doing so themselves. It also contributes to the tenant feeling more in-control of their property.

The tenant can enter the details of the issue at hand, add any images and photographs which might help better describe the problem they’re experiencing, and then post it directly to their property manager’s Re-Leased dashboard. From here, the manager can action a plan to solve the issue.

Contact & Communication

The Tenant App enables for more direct and efficient communication between tenant and property manager. By streamlining the communication processes, the app removes the time wasted and the risk of human error that comes with multiple emails and phone calls.

From the app, tenants have access to all of the necessary contact details for their property manager. They can also see what contact information and personal details their property manager holds of theirs, which is a level of transparency vital for GDPR compliance.

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