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Taking our Customer Love to the next level

 |  12 October 2022

At Re-Leased, our “Customer First” mantra is at the heart of everything we do. With this in mind, we check ourselves daily by asking, "Is this what's best for our customers?". 

So, in a recent meeting, inspired by an initiative from Slack, we asked ourselves - what does that mean in practice? We love our customers, but in what ways can we express that love? 

The obvious answer most businesses will give is to continue to build great products and features that enhance their customers' ability to do their jobs well and make their busy lives much more manageable. Although our customers get massive value from the big-ticket things we work on, the things that appear trivial often cause the most friction. Solving these little pains can sometimes be just as important to our customers as releasing the next game-changing feature. 

What did we do? 

We dedicated significant resources from our product and engineering departments to a two-week customer love project, where we focused on the small stuff. Over these two weeks, our Product & Engineering teams completed 86 individual enhancements related to removing friction and pain points, as reported by you - our customers. 

Below is a webinar proudly showcasing all the incredible work we did in two short weeks, all with the goal of making your Re-Leased experience that little bit more enjoyable. 

Highlights from our Customer Love Project:

  • 86 total enhancements made
  • Order future tenancies by start date
  • Run ledger reports for multiple banks
  • Show overdue amount on income invoices
  • Archive trust accounts
  • Bulk send invoices to tenancy contacts
  • Improved integration sync messages
  • Re-generate waived Late fee invoices
  • Customised arrears statuses
  • And so much more...



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