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Read This If You Are Shopping For Property Management Software...

 |  3 December 2018

Shopping around for the right property management software is a daunting task.

There is a lot of ground work that needs to take place before property businesses make a purchasing decision on their new shiny software application.

With legacy, server-based programs working to keep up with new, innovative cloud-based solutions out in the market, there is an ultra competitive landscape that’s upon us in the property management software space.

Nowadays, software providers have to keep on their toes to make sure that their product is world-class, that it cuts-through, and that it demonstrates a clear ability to help property professionals do better business.

Businesses shopping for property management software need to make sure they have the resources to effectively conduct due diligence. What does this look like?

Researching online review sites, booking demonstrations and requesting case studies should all play an integral part of determining a purchasing decision. For all well-run businesses, these are non-negotiable steps to action. But what often gets overlooked is what you can learn from a software provider’s sales team.

Software as a service (SaaS) businesses – particularly those who sell cloud-based solutions – often boast best-in-class sales teams to facilitate their own rapid growth. So it's important to note that there is a sense of calm in knowing that you’re not dealing with used car sales tacticians, but instead you’re likely to be building relationships with some of the better professional operators out there in market.

What you should be looking out for when you’re sitting in on meetings and software demonstrations are things like their general attentiveness, their capacity to understand your unique pain-points, as well as their knowledge of the software, and how it will potentially fit within your business.

Re-Leased Asia Pacific Head of Sales Sherif Hassan believes that the real point of difference for world-class salespeople is their ability to advise, educate and efficiently problem solve.

“Taking the time to understand what the business vision is and what is important will mean that a SaaS salesperson is not just a seller but an advisor. Acting as the face of the business, the interaction between sales and the customer, gives the customer a glimpse of the level of service they can expect and the experience becomes a part of the actual product they are buying.”

In some industries, and it’s safe to say that most of us have seen this first-hand at some point, sales people don’t necessarily carry with them appropriate industry knowledge. It is difficult to be a successful salesperson if you don’t really understand your audience and their constraints, and this can negatively impact how property management software buyers value their demonstrations (and therefore how they rate the service provider).

Or in other words, if you have taken time out of the day to sit in on a software demonstration and the salesperson has critical knowledge gaps, will you feel confident in the software’s capability to proceed further? Most likely not.

Sherif stresses that industry knowledge for salespeople is paramount. And with that should come the ability to swiftly identify the best, most tailored way to service prospects. Ultimately, it should always be about providing the best service to prospects.

“Our customers are experts in their fields, and our salespeople are the experts in the technology behind them. By being an expert, our clients come to us not seeking a product but a service that includes our advice. In short, they want to leverage off our expertise.”

For Re-Leased Australasian Business Sales Manager Leigh Craig, being personable is just as important as being knowledgeable. Leigh says that without building honest relationships with prospects, it’s difficult to truly understand how a software application will fit their needs.

“Understanding the client's needs and constantly investigating industry and government legislative changes, to better relate the software to fill specific needs is important. Any appointment that I have with a prospect, regardless whether it is face-to-face or virtual, I try to establish a personal trust and and a genuine interest in their business.”

What are your expectations when dealing with software salespeople? Will a good (or bad) experience sway you one way or another? Let us know in the comments section below.


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