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Property Management accounting made simple with Re-Leased and Xero Integration

 |  1 February 2018

For any property management company, big or small, accounting and bookkeeping are some of the most vital aspects of the job. Get it wrong and it all goes wrong.

But the complex processes that go into ensuring efficient and accurate accounting can, thanks to modern technology, be done automatically and instantly with Xero, the accounting and bookkeeping software that Re-Leased are proud to be able to offer its customers, fully integrated as standard.  

Only by completing all accounting work on one standardised platform can property investors be sure that everything gets done accurately and promptly, in full compliance with laws and regulations.

Working with multiple systems, including paper based systems, leads to inefficient bookkeeping. In today’s fast pace environment, this is unacceptable and can cause grave damage to even the best of reputations. This can be overcome by moving the entire workflow onto one centralised and integrated property management platform. From there, PMs can build the perfect system for their needs.

 Here are just a few of the things that property investors can do with Re-Leased’s Xero integration:

  • Remove the need for a third-party accounts team

Because Xero makes everything easy and fast, you can save enormous amounts of money by handling accounts yourself. And because Xero is seamlessly integrated with Re-Leased, you will have to put in very little in order to take out a lot.

  • Bulk pay bills and invoices

Xero enables all invoices to be paid with a single click of a button. If they are recurring invoices, month after month, payment can be fully automated; just set the payment date and Xero does the rest. Nothing gets forgotten, nothing gets paid late.

  • Keep a comprehensive audit trail

All transactions, invoices and payments are stored securely in the cloud, instantly available if needed in the future. The ability to set user access levels means that documents and data are instantly available to those who need it but securely protected against everyone else.

  • Have everything they need at their fingertips

Rather than chasing around different departments to obtain financial and tax records, everything is in one accessible place. This means data only needs inputting once and nothing ever goes missing or unrecorded. Re-Leased also stores a PMs entire history of activity so that financial reports can downloaded on-demand.

  • Benefit from an end-to-end automated workflow

Because Xero is fully integrated with Re-Leased, the entire property management work cycle is interconnected and fully automated. With Re-Leased, every single aspect of property management can be synced together at your choosing. And thanks to the Xero integration, that now includes invoices, credit notices and tax payments.

Xero is just one of Re-Leased’s third-party partners. We’ve teamed up with some really brilliant companies to bring the best possible platform to our users. These include integrated apps for banking, maintenance, communication and calendars. You can read more about this, here.





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