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Information Mobility is Crucial for Business Success...

 |  17 April 2019

Next time you’re commuting to work or walking back from your morning coffee run take a minute to pay attention to how many people have their head down. There are a lot of them. And chances are they're not reading the paper – they're scrolling, swiping, clicking and consuming.

You can make an assumption that time spent on mobile devices is split between professional tasks and personal tasks – while people respond to an email, they’ve probably opened up a new browser tab to run a search for an outfit for an upcoming event. They're both working and shopping – all at the same time.

Time spent on devices for personal and professional outcomes is blurring, but the desire to access information on demand never changes. For long, B2B organisations have played catch up to their B2C counterparts in terms of innovation, but that is no longer the case. B2B is catching up – big time.

Even if what consumers are doing on their mobile device isn’t necessarily time sensitive, there is still the need to be plugged in at all times – or the expectation that they should be alert, reachable and ready-to-go if need-be. This is exactly where B2B innovators are filling the void by creating technology that's built on mobile experiences.

For commercial investors and landlords that continue to move deeper into technology investment to improve their businesses, there is an interesting cultural revelation that’s often overlooked when we talk about the modern professional. The number of people who spend time away from their primary work stations is increasing, some industry reports acknowledge that the time spent on the move while working is around 20 per cent of the time.

This is no different for commercial property professionals and investors, who have more off site meetings now than ever before, and find themselves on the road for hours on end per day, and rarely at their desks for a full 8-hour allotment.

The thing is this: the to-do list doesn’t magically get done. It’s just the way in which it gets done that has changed, and that’s achievable for businesses who have structured their approach around information mobility.

In other words, landlords and investors who use modern, cloud-based software to manage their portfolio have the tools they need to achieve their information mobility goals. Traditional property management methods won’t cut it – desktop or server-based platforms can only be accessed on site. That’s no good for mobility.

And while the commercial real estate industry has often been late to the party of technology adoption – it’s well documented that other industries have historically paved the way for embracing the shift in perception of what productivity looks like today – we are starting to see global commercial property investors invest heavily in PropTech solutions that make their information mobile.

Ultimately, global investors are evolving their views of what it means to be truly competitive in the market by bolstering their business (and property investment) strategies through technology.

But how crucial is information mobility for your business and for your commercial real estate investment opportunities?

You really can tap into endless productivity and high-growth business outcomes

Having access to key information relating to your properties from your office, your car, a cafe or from your home office means you can always be productive, no matter what’s going on in your professional and personal schedule.

For example, if you’re sick and away from the office but you need to address a property matter you can. Your productivity is no longer negatively affected by constraints of old.

Business can always get done, and this is true if a member of the organisation leaves the business as well. Typically, legacy data can often get lost amidst team member turnover and things of the like, but platforms that are built around mobile access, information mobility, and ultimately the cloud make this a redundant issue.

This is extremely invaluable for today’s investors who need the ability to cite documentation, reference outcomes and view crucial financial data while on the move.

Customer satisfaction improves when you aren’t geographically limited in your access to key information

A strong information mobility framework, and therefore having the right software infrastructure and tech-stack to support a mobile way of doing business, allows self-managing landlords and commercial property management professionals to provide an always-on service.

And this is aligned with the raised demand in expectations of users and customers alike when property requests are lodged: for example, if maintenance issues occur on a property or tenants want access to data, they can through the wider cloud-based property management software platform.

This is why it is so important to be using cloud-based PropTech platforms today – you can’t afford to limit your business’s success ceiling but relying on outdated property management platforms.

With Re-Leased, specifically, we offer mobile applications for tenants, landlords and property managers so all parties can access key information, without having to email or call in. It’s far more efficient because it eliminates back and forth in communication, and replaces it with a couple of clicks to access required information.

Commercial property professionals are happier when their employers invest in mobile solutions

Unlocking information mobility in your commercial property business offers more than business success. Culturally speaking, cloud-based software makes life easier for professionals. And that will be evident in the way they feel about the work that they do and the impact that it has in the long term.

No longer are users of software tied to their desks when working – the ability to work with freedom is highly valued today, and that can be achieved without compromise in the quality of individual output and team-wide productivity levels. Investing in a business approach that values high staff morale is no longer just an afterthought, and for those that are powered by information mobility the cultural rewards are invaluable.


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