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Here's How Customer Success Teams Can Strive To Deliver Great Results For Clients…

 |  27 November 2018

As arguably the most definitive point of a customer’s experience, a smooth on-boarding process can affirm that the right product decision was made for new customers.

Once a customer signs the contract and the sales team have handed them over to customer success and implementation specialists, they’re ready to go live with the product.

But this doesn’t mean that they're exempt from churning. There are two key reasons why newly joined customers may churn: 1. They don’t clearly understand the product, but signed up due to external pressures or 2. Once signed up, they have discovered that they haven’t gained any value from it and the product is ultimately misaligned with their business goals.

But, typically, if you couple targeted selling approaches with strong customer success teams, you get a positive result: that is, happy clients whose businesses are benefiting from a newly adopted software solution that addresses their pain points.

There’s a bit of work involved to ensure that newly signed-on clients get the most out of the software – this is when the customer success team take the wheel.

Re-Leased Customer Success Manager Carolyn Bodisco, who is based in the business’s Napier office, believes that while every client has a unique set of challenges they ultimately have the same needs.

“Our clients all have similar needs, in that they want to manage properties and use our awesome cloud-based software to do so, but beyond that they are all different. We’ve got clients managing everything thing from marina berths and storage sheds, to shopping centres and business parks, so their needs are quite diverse.

“My approach is quite methodical, and by discussing settings and requirements in the initial stages we can tailor the implementation to suit,” Carolyn says.

Carolyn has a wealth of experience in training property professionals and when she thinks of the on-boarding process, the number one thing that comes to mind is getting to know the client’s business back-to-front.

Key things to note prior to kicking off the on-boarding process is to understand how they manage their workload and who does what, which helps to identify user roles moving forward.

“The first thing I like to do is get to know the client’s business and understand how they operate now, and what areas they want to use the software to do better. It’s good to understand who is in the team and how they share the workload.

“Sometimes we need to break the training into groups based on the user's role, for example the accounts team performs a different function to the property management team, and so we direct the training sessions accordingly. We plan out the implementation and book ahead for the key dates where the client will need the greatest amount of assistance during their first month,” Carolyn says.

For the customer to have a smooth transition in implementing new property management software, Customer Success Executive Caleb Dunn believes that it has to be a collaborative process, whereby the software provider and customer work together to identify areas of desired feature requirements, their strengths, weaknesses, and business goals.

“It’s a collaborative effort. We help them with internal processes, which will better harness the utility of Re-Leased whilst they provide feedback as to what it working best for them or areas where they may need further assistance.

“Unlike other softwares, where you may only be allowed one point of contact or have to relay a client code just to receive support, we build a personal relationship from the start. We know you by name, and learn the intricacies of a business. It’s cliche, but we do actually form relationships with clients from the very moment they speak to our team.

“And we don’t just reduce churn and keep customers happy. We are collaborating with our clients to help them bring on new business and clients, as Re-Leased helps to improve and increase efficiency,” says Caleb.

What do you think customer success teams need to do in order to make sure customers get the best experience implementing new software? Leave your comments below.


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