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6 Ways To Increase Your Property Management Productivity

 |  7 March 2018

I know what you’re thinking.

“Here’s yet another productivity article telling me how to achieve more at work.”

You’re right. But this piece is different. Hear me out.

Prior to joining the Re-Leased family, I have worked as a journalist, a business development executive, and a content marketing agency owner. From sourcing stories and selling solutions to running a team of content creators, I’ve worn a number of different hats.

For me, in my experience across a number of different roles and industries, one theme has always been present: time is scarce. No matter what role it was that I was knee-deep in, it always seemed like I was racing against the clock.

New to serving the commercial property management industry, I’ve learned quickly that property professionals (particularly the senior types) are extremely busy, time-poor individuals.

Quite often, the legacy systems property professionals adopt to run their organisations hinder their performance because they are so clearly outdated and that has a compounding effect on their individual output, as well as their agency-wide performance, too.

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Re-Leased is changing the game (and trust me, I’m not just saying that because they pay me to). It’s true. I left a really awesome position to join Re-Leased, and the reason why was simple: the organisation is driven by the idea of making life easier for their clients – and that is property professionals far and wide. I can subscribe to that.

We’re constantly testing, iterating and growing as a business to make sure that the work we do cuts through to make a real difference for our clients. We want to do our best to optimise the performance of today’s property professionals by helping them increase their productivity and efficiency through technology. Everyone wants to finish their workday feeling accomplished.

So here are 6 of our top tips to make sure you get the most out of your day to increase your property management productivity.

Set daily to-do lists

As you arrive at your desk, your day begins. An easy trap to fall into is to get straight into your work without a clear plan in place for the day ahead. There are a solid 8 hours to get stuff done, so the best way to utilise time is to plan out your day in hour blocks.

For example, set aside 3-4pm for emails (your brain endurance is at its lowest point later in the day) and dedicate the freshest hours of the day to high-priority tasks.

Jot down your to-do list and tick them off as you go. Just by seeing your to-do list dwindle down as your day progresses will provide you with a sense of micro-accomplishment, which will continue to fuel you as you go on to the next to-do.

Create and foster a productive culture

This point is typically relevant for those in managerial positions, but it also applies to all property professionals, too. The environment in which you work in pretty much dictates teamwide performance. That refers to things like adequate resources, an open-plan office space, team lunches and weekly WIPs (work-in-progress) catch ups.

With a positive office culture, the benefits are clear-cut: stuff gets done. And often ahead of time. People build a productivity rhythm and that can be felt throughout the whole organisation.

Establish processes and measure your results

Map out the lifetime journey of your tasks by establishing a process that you can follow and that, if required, your colleagues can use, too. This is a really effective way to measure the success of your work.

Establish personal KPIs and hold yourself accountable. This will help you evolve as a property professional.

Catch up with team members and talk about how you can all improve

Setting up a time every fortnight, or at the least, once a month to catch up and have a reflective session with the team will build a great bond.

Celebrate each other’s wins, share constructive insights on how to address the losses and switch off from work for a bit to talk about interests outside of work. You will be a better professional for it.

Leave the office for lunch and take short, regular breaks

We’re all guilty of eating our lunch at our desks. But it’s a really bad habit to build.

It may seem like a move that won’t change much, but shifting away from your desk when you’re feeling a little restless is extremely powerful. It will help to reduce stress levels, restore your energy and focus, and help you clear your head.

If you’re caught up on a time-sensitive task and have no choice but to eat at your desk, consider going for a 10-minute walk to recharge.

Leverage technology

Technology is here to stay. And there are many measurable reasons that demonstrate why.

It helps businesses grow, it provides teams with automation of their workflows, it increases efficiencies, it eliminates the intensity of manual labour required of traditional systems, and it’s typically cheaper to run than legacy systems.

Technology platforms allow businesses to focus on what they do best by pulling them away from time-consuming activities such administrative tasks, and drawing the focus back on the task at hand.


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