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Xerocon Brisbane 2019 Recap

Re-Leased 11 September 2019

Speaking with thousands of accounting professionals at Xerocon Brisbane 2019, the key things we learned were centred around the consulting and advisory piece that’s taking the global accounting playing field by storm.

Xerocon Brisbane 2019 cemented our understanding of where the leaders of the industry are focusing their resources, as well as where they see their profession heading (in terms of the shift in their service offering) in the near future.

One of the most pronounced takeaways was around the business advisory services that accountants are creating, developing and mastering within their businesses across the Asia Pacific region.

There are a number of traditional accounting organisations – so that’s those who offer tax, bookkeeping and compliance services – who are now expanding their services to encompass strategic advice that is helping them stand out in the market.

We’ve covered in the past that world-class accountants are those that go beyond traditional accounting services to provide more advisory offerings, and it was exciting to see that the world’s best cloud accountants are evolving their core offering to align to this shift.

Here is a curation of tweets from Xerocon Brisbane 2019 attendees, highlighting some interesting talks and topics had across the event.




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