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Trusted Property Advisors​ – The Future For Property Managers

 |  16 October 2017

By automating as many manual processes as possible, we here at Re-Leased are working to raise the bar of what Property Managers do.

With the freedom, insight and flexibility that comes with the Re-Leased platform, Property Managers are able to spend less time on manual admin and more time using their expert knowledge to guide their clients towards stronger and more prosperous portfolios.

Here at Re-Leased, we’ve thinking in terms of Property Manager, and starting thinking about what we like to call, Trusted Property Advisors.

Trusted Property Advisors and Property Managers who spend less time completing paperwork and chasing rent arrears and more time applying their irreplaceable skills to best represent the interests of their clients.

There is a misconception between many property managers that fully automated workflow platforms threaten to take away their jobs, but it isn’t true. Automation, and the technology that allows it to happen, adds great value to a Property Management company.

Automation creates time, time which can be used to help clients improve their property portfolios. Simply by having more time, a personal service can be offered that goes above and beyond that of the competition.

Automation is coming; but it’s not coming to strip away jobs. Instead it will enhance the job, elevating it to an entirely new level.

With a fully automated system like Re-Leased, property managers can be:
  • Working with landlords to ensure proactive maintenance diligence and then using data insights to prove the benefits you are delivering.
  • Using expert knowledge to help clients improve their portfolio, advising them on what their next move should be.
  • Analysing the live data that Re-Leased instantly collects and curates in order to offer advice and insights to clients.

Automation is a huge opportunity for the property management industry an opportunity to increase efficiency, raise standards and boost returns. Innovation like this doesn’t come along that often, maybe twice in each century, so the industry simply must take advantage of it.

By turning Property Managers into Trusted Property Advisors, we hope to help more and more people access the benefits of automation.



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