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The Importance of Property Management Software Engaging All Key Stakeholders

 |  7 November 2017

The Re-Leased platform has been built upon one very important philosophy; any service we provide must be accessible to and benefit all of a property’s key stakeholders.

Traditional property management systems stop at the office door, only engaging the property managers themselves. As such, all other key stakeholders are are left unaffected by the many benefits of the platform.

That’s why Re-Leased has been build to engage all of a property’s key stakeholders.

By tailoring and presenting data specifically for each stakeholder, all parties know, at all times, exactly where they stand and how their assets/investments/interests are performing.

Let’s take a closer look at how Re-Leased engages all key stakeholders.

The Property Manager:
Improved communication and superior service give PMs an edge over the competition and go a long way towards creating the appearance of market leadership. As such, onboarding new clients is made easy. PMs are able to tangibly demonstrate their value, not only through the tools they can offer but also through the live data insights that an automated system like Re-Leased can provide.

The tenant:
Our tenant-facing app enables tenants to register maintenance requirements and access their tenancy documents. By offering this service to their tenants, property managers add great value to their business by providing their clients with an industry leading experience.

The Landlord:
Landlords are given one central platform on which they can manage all of their correspondence with the property managers. And because their property manager is using automated technology, the landlord benefits from the irreplaceable expertise and guidance of their property manager. Guidance which, previously, property managers have struggled to find the time to give. 

The Investor:
Because Re-Leased collects, curates and displays such huge amounts of data about a property, the investors of that property are able to see exactly how it is performing, with a huge amount of individual data points. How energy efficient is the property? What waste is it producing? Is it yielding the maximum returns that it possibly could? All of these questions, and so many more, are easily and instantly answered.

The Agent:
Thanks to Re-Leased, agents can now give prospective tenants the broadest possible set of data to help inform their decisions; this ability elevates the service that the agent can provide.

Building strong relationships with agent partners is essential for the continued growth and success of a property management company. By bringing Re-Leased to the table, property managers greatly increase their value to the agents, ensuring healthy and happy relationships moving forward.


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