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REIA Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Report

 |  1 November 2023

We take great pride in our alliance with the Real Estate Institute of Australia, sharing a common commitment to enriching the commercial real estate sector through Project CRE. Together, we aim to promote growth through advocacy, sharing insights, education, and transformative initiatives.  

At Re-Leased, we are passionate about shaping the future of commercial real estate to achieve better outcomes for people, properties, and the planet. We are at a pivotal moment in the Australian commercial real estate landscape, marked by a strong commitment to achieving a NetZero economy by 2050. 

The importance of sustainability and effective management of the built environment has never been greater. This Sustainability report represents a significant milestone, providing valuable insights into the challenges and strategies in sustainable commercial real estate for owners, tenants, and practitioners alike. 

REIA President, Mr Hayden Groves said sustainability has emerged as a central pillar of the Australian commercial property sector, fundamentally altering the way businesses design, construct, operate and invest in real estate, and shaping the preferences of tenants and investors.

“This transformation is not merely a response to changing consumer preferences or regulatory pressures, rather, it reflects a broader recognition of the industry’s profound impact on the environment, society and the global economy."

As REIA's trusted technology partner, we look forward to supporting our community, continuing to drive innovation in property management, and positively impacting the future of commercial real estate in Australia. 



Report Highlights

  • Sustainable space is still commanding a higher occupancy rate in all capital cities except Brisbane.
  • There will be five key components in considering Scope 3 that impacts on office space selection: Supply Chain Emissions, Commutes, Business Travel, Sold Products and End of Life Treatment Products.
  • Mid-term, owners can consider changing up strategies for Cleaning, Carbon Offsets and Adaptive Reuse.
  • Long term, there are 12 key adoption approaches that can be taken to improve commercial assets as we seek to transition to NetZero.
  • More will need to be done to achieve this by owners, occupiers and the real estate practitioner. 

REIA’s Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Report 2023 looks at 12 key strategies to assist occupiers, owners and investors on this journey:  

  1. Energy Efficiency Improvements
  2. Renewable Energy Integration
  3. Building Automation and Controls
  4. Energy-Efficient Appliances and Equipment
  5. Water Conservation
  6. Green Building Certifications
  7. Waste Management and Recycling
  8. Indoor Air Quality Improvement
  9. Tenant Engagement and Education
  10. Green Roof and Landscaping
  11. Carbon Offsetting and Mitigation
  12. Regular Monitoring and Reporting


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Watch the on-demand webinar recording below

Our hosts Anneke Thompson, REIA research partner, Managing Director, Clio Research, and Tom Wallace, CEO & Founder, Re-Leased discussed the following key themes:

  • The regulatory environment
  • Scope 3 emissions targets and the role of commercial property
  • Mid-term considerations for owners
  • Other long-term changes owners should consider



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