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Our latest Customer Love Sprint

 |  10 May 2023

At Re-Leased, we're committed to delivering continuous value to our customers. That's why back in 2022, we were inspired to launch our very own Customer Love Sprint. While we take great pride in building great products and features, we know that our work is never done. There will always be room for improvement, which is why we believe that addressing even the smallest issues on a regular basis is just as vital as developing new products and launching significant features.

Our love sprints are designed to provide tangible product improvements in quick succession, ensuring that your experience with us is always top-notch.

Round two: Our latest Customer Love Sprint

This time around, our amazing product and engineering teams’ work was focused on making refinements to existing features, tackling customer requests and making sure the platform looks polished and tidy. 

Below our Product Managers will walk you through some of the latest improvements their teams tackled as part of this Customer Love Sprint. So, keep scrolling and get ready to learn more about how we are making your life a lot easier! 

Property Management 

As part of this Customer Love Sprint, the Property Management team has been working hard on reducing friction for customers and surfacing up more useful information in workflows. Some of the key improvement highlights include:

  • Adding timestamps to market rent updates to make tracking changes over time easier. We also added more information about tenants’ Areas when setting up percentage allocations of utility meter expenses to ensure all necessary details are accurately allocated costs.
  • To allow more customization in tenant communications, two new merge fields have been added to Forms templates which allows more granular options describing rent and tax amounts.
  • We’ve also improved the user experience of creating lease renewal option reminders and added a new button to make it easier to send emails to tenants from within the Tenancy/Lease record, and created a new workflow to help you send bulk emails to your tenants about their expiring insurance policies.

Want to know more about Property Management in Re-Leased?
Click here to get in touch with Tom →

Budgets and Tenancy

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and improving users’ experience, our work focused on making improvements and enhancements in several different areas across the Re-Leased platform, such as communications, budgets and tenancies. Some of the key improvement highlights include:

Improved Navigation
Find and action important tasks, such as credit notes, overpayments and prepayment allocations with ease on the improved Late Fees Hub

  • Sort your tenancy cards on the Property Summary page to best suit your requirements.
  • The Annual Net Outgoing figure is now in the tenancy cards as well as in the tenancy summary page.
  • Tenancy History can be now downloaded in CSV format directly within the Tenancy area
  • New arrears statuses can now be directly created and assigned to tenants within the Tenancy details area.


  • Add notes against any line items during budget reconciliation
  • The budget allocation report now has an optional report field for floor area size  
Improved communications and note reminders

  • In the sending text message area, users can now use the new filter contacts modal to multi-select contacts they would like to send messages to, helping to eliminate the need to maintain a static list with old and new tenants.
  • We’ve also added a new column in the Notes tab to show users at a glance if a reminder has been set up against a note.
Want to know more about tenancies, budgets or communications in Re-Leased? 
Click here to get in touch with Rudi →

Property Intelligence

The focus of the Property Intelligence team was to enhance the Re-Leased reporting suite by adding new features and capabilities that improve the way in which data is captured and reported on in Re-Leased. Some of the key improvement highlights include:

  • A wider selection of reporting fields is now available in the Report Builder, including the property anniversary date, rent type, arrears status, tenancy and property custom fields, annual market rent, owner details, tenant mobile numbers and more.
  • The Events Report has been extended to report on final rent events which is available as a new event type to filter the report by, as well as a sub-report which provides further details on these instances.
  • We’ve also added property addresses in Reminders Events sub-reports which will help you to identify the properties highlighted in the report without having to navigate between multiple pages to fill in the missing data.
  • Finally, we’ve also implemented two useful updates in Rent templates to support the Rent to Area allocations workflow:

    • When a rent template is created with only one occupied area, we will automatically allocate all rent to that single area.
    • If the rent template is created and the tenant occupies multiple areas, we will redirect you to the Rent to Area allocations page where you can now also manage rent allocations.
Want to know more about Property Intelligence in Re-Leased?
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Trust/Client Accounting 
During this sprint, the Trust/Client Accounting team has been focusing their efforts on rent invoices, bank statements and suspense, as well as surfacing better information when a disbursement is in progress. Some of the key improvement highlights include:
  • Invoice number is now displayed on the unpresented payments report
  • Total balances are now shown on the outstanding suspense task page
  • Completed suspense tasks page now has pagination
  • Banner on trust account list is now showing which bank has a disbursement in progress
  • Error page now shows which bank account has a disbursement in progress
  • Deleted bank statements are now hidden by default
  • Improved page navigation when viewing bank statements
  • Rent templates now allow 1 cent invoices
  • Ability to void a rent invoice and ignore it as rent in one step
Want to know more about Trust/Client Accounting in Re-Leased?
Click here to get in touch with Grace →

If you have any questions about any of the improvements above or perhaps have new ideas in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the product team. We would love to hear your thoughts!  


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