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How To Attract Ready-To-Buy Landlords To Your Website: A Guide For Property Management Companies

 |  24 April 2018

The way people shop has changed. And that is no different for landlords shopping around for the best property management team to look after their portfolio.

They will likely seek out the lowest fees, company reviews, perceived credibility and brand presence to round out their research. How can property management companies win their business?

The era of search is very much at the foundation of how all buyers (B2C and B2B) make their decisions and that is shifting the way businesses are approaching their marketing efforts.

Back only, say, a decade ago the seller had all of the power. Marketers told their customers what they needed and demanded that they acted accordingly. It was a down-the-throat, aggressive style of selling. And for the most part, it was a successful approach.

But buyers have agency today. They know what they’re looking, for the most part. Or in other words, they know they are the ultimate decision-makers and have all the tools they need to shop around, research and arrive at a decision.

Another thing that’s really changed is the buyer’s awareness of their problem. They know what they’re looking for. For landlords, as an example, they know what they expect out of the management of their property portfolio, and have a select set of criteria to base their decision.

At that point, all that’s left is for them to identify which property management company will provide the best solution.

And that’s the exact point of the journey that property management agencies want to be present. Here’s how you can win their business.

A healthy website is the be-all end-all

It all starts here. A poor website will have you leaving money on the table. If you don’t have a good website, fixing it should be high on your priority list. Click here to do a quick health-check to see if you need to make improvements.

There are a number of things that determine the general health of a website: things like its bounce rate, SEO ranking, user experience, loading time, amount of pages indexed and quality of copy distribution, for example.

Your digital goal should be largely around having an infrastructure in place for landlords to search for a solution through Google, find your website, click through and inquire to speak to the team. A great website will qualify and push visitors through the funnel.

Create content that targets landlords

Whether it’s blogs, video content or guides, it’s important to create content for your audience to build brand awareness and improve your SEO. Google favours websites that regularly produces original content for its audience, so it’s key to have a plan in place.

In addition to helping your website show higher in Google search results, content is the most effective way to target top-of-the-funnel leads who are in hunt mode.

It’s important to remember that every time you publish a blog, you’re essentially buying digital real estate thats value compounds over time.

In other words, by publishing content, you’re creating another page on your website that can be consumed, shared and measured. And that’s extremely beneficial.

Use social media to your advantage

For B2B businesses, Facebook and LinkedIn are gold. Regularly updating company pages is important to keep your audience (and prospects) engaged. That involves sharing all of your content pieces published on your website, as well as interacting with customers.

Promoting your digital assets through social media is a great way to draw traffic back to your website, but you will have to combine an organic and paid strategy to maintain momentum.

It’s never been more important to automate your workflows. With our property management software, you can focus on revenue-driving activities and save up to 50% of your time spent on admin tasks.

Click HERE to access our exclusive growth guide for property managers.


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