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Re-Leased 31 August 2018

The whole world is undergoing a digital transformation and the way business is done is changing by the day.

This changing landscape is now being felt in the property industry. New solutions and products are arriving on the market and each one brings something new for business leaders to think about.

Today’s profits must be measured against tomorrow’s potential, and best practices that have served the company well for decades must be analysed, questioned and improved.

This is all part of the required transition from the old into the new, as well as using technology to fuel a competitive advantage. Business leaders around the world are investing heavily in technology that helps make this transition as seamless as possible.

To this end, cloud-based software solutions are proving particularly useful thanks to their ability to create ease and efficiency through accessibility and automation.

Our eBook Your Guide to Transforming your Property Business with Technology covers the top property trends of 2018 and beyond, what your peers are doing to maximise productivity, how to grow and streamline technology in your business. Learn about the:

WHAT OF PROPTECH: The term for property and technology has many variations globally, with words such as PropTech, RealTech and CREtech often used interchangeably. For the purposes of this site, we have used PropTech to cover all technological and digital innovations relating to property.

HOW OF PROPTECH: Property technology streamlines and automates everyday property management tasks with powerful workflows, and measures, as well as aids business performance with powerful intelligence.

WHY OF PROPTECH: Every industry is facing disruption and the challenge of moving into a digital future. The property industry is no exception. The key driver for adoption is that PropTech can radically change business operations, productivity and increase revenue.

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