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5 Lockdown Parenting Tips From Our Team

 |  3 February 2021

With lockdowns expected to continue for another month, many of us are no-doubt holding out for some sense of normalcy. But parents, in particular, have been doing it tough as they juggle full-time jobs and full-time teacher duties with homeschooling. 

We have been checking in with some of our team to find out how they’re handling this difficult time and their top 5 activities, tips and tricks they can share for other parents out there. 

Here are our top five tips from the heroic parents in our team at Re-Leased:

1. Hands-on learning


Image from iOS (2)-1While schooling has shifted online over lockdown, that doesn’t mean you can’t step away from the screen for some practical lessons. Clive Cooper, Re-Leased’s Global Head of Sales, has taken schooling offline with his girls by baking, making creations with play-dough and LEGO, and having fun with a seasonal sensory table.

2. Writing to family and friends


You could also get the kids to write cards or draw pictures to send to close friends and family that you haven’t seen for a long time.

This is another one of Clive’s favourites as it makes a welcome change from jumping on yet another FaceTime call when you’re meant to be eating dinner.

3. Getting active together

Image from iOS (3)-1Staying active is just as important for our physical health as our mental health and Nadine Taylor, Implementation Consultant at Re-Leased, has been using YouTube to do kids yoga at home.

YouTube is filled with lots of options to get active as a family including the popular P.E. with Joe series.  

4. Setting challenges to get them thinking 

Image from iOS (1)-2-1Image from iOS (4)-1Emma Turner, Implementation Manager at Re-Leased, has been setting a daily writing and drawing challenge for her 5-year-old:

“We start by using a letter of the alphabet and choosing a category such as an animal, a fruit or vegetable, or something in the garden to draw. Then, attempt to spell the word. Upcoming challenges are: draw a treasure map, draw life on another planet, design a maze, draw a castle for yourself (this can then be built with lego too).”

5. YouTube lessons that teach you a thing or two as well

IMG_6379-1Emma has also been diving into the educational channels on YouTube with a family favourite being Kids Learning Tube. She’s even found herself expanding her own knowledge.

“It’s awesome, especially to learn about space. I’ve learnt so much in lockdown!”


One bonus tip from the team: "Wine helps too!"


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