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5 Reasons Why Property Investors Should Use Xero

 |  5 March 2018

Today’s property investors are utilising technology platforms and smarter accounting tools to help separate themselves from the competition.

The traditional method of working with multiple systems, such as paper-based methods, are inefficient and expensive.

With a robust cloud-based property management software that integrates with Xero, property managers can save up to 90% on dreaded admin tasks. That means more time spent on adding value to clients, improving operations and other high priority to-dos such as growing the portfolio.

Here are five reasons why investors should use Xero.

It provides full visibility of your accounts

Utilising a cloud-accounting platform like Xero that plugs right into your property management software means that all of your key financial data is ready to view all day, everyday. Having a platform that provides full visibility is one of the most effective ways to make life easier for you and your accounts team, especially at a busy time like the end of the financial year.

You can make bulk payments with ease

Literally, with the single click of a button Xero allows you to pay all of your invoices, even if they are recurring. The power of automation gives you the tools you need to set a payment date while the software does the rest of the heaving lifting – gone are the days of missed or late payments.

You will always have an audit trail

This point is particularly important. Every transaction, every invoice raised or payment made is logged in the system, giving you the ability to access your organisation’s financial history at all times. This is great for keeping the team accountable and up to speed at all times.

Your team can access key financial information anywhere and on any device

If you’re on the road for most of the day, working remotely or need to urgently access your financial data, you can on any device: mobile, tablet and laptop. In the digital age of technology and intelligent platforms, being plugged in all day is crucial.

It integrates seamlessly with innovative property management software platforms (like ours!)

Your entire property management work cycle is always visible and your tenant data and financial accounts are instantly synced when you link our software with Xero. We don’t particularly like to brag, but Re-Leased really is a world class Xero add on for global investors.

If you'd like to discover how Re-Leased property management software can take your business to the next level, contact us today.

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