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3 Accountants Explain How To Simplify Property Accounting With Re-Leased

 |  20 February 2018

Re-Leased is the best place for property accountants to easily process invoices, organise contacts, schedule and complete bank transactions, and have full control of their data from anywhere and on any device.

So to demonstrate the power of Re-Leased, we’ve asked some of our current accounting clients to explain exactly why they chose Re-Leased, and why our platform has helped them achieve a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Jeremy Hague from Cloud Accountancy Ltd

Jeremy founded Cloud Accountancy in 2015, with the vision to make it the UK’s premier boutique consultancy, providing business support and improvement through better strategic and financial management to small and medium sized enterprises.

For a while now, Jeremy has been recommending Re-Leased to his property clients. See his thoughts below:

“Because [one of our clients] was currently managing its accounts on spreadsheets it was paramount that they be moved onto a robust accounting platform – Xero is the perfect option. When I discovered that we could get Xero alongside Re-Leased, fully integrated, it was as if the stars were aligning for us.

“By providing [our client] with a robust system fit for purpose, covering both finance and property, the time saved encourages a more forward-looking mentality, and requires less time to be spent reconciling what has happened in the past,” Jeremy says.

Making the shift to Re-Leased wasn’t centred around cost reduction for Jeremy. His goal was to integrate a solution that consolidated all key information, making for ease of use and full visibility for his clients.

“This implementation wasn’t primarily about cost reduction or savings,” he says. “Instead, it was about data integrity, visibility of information, and showing robust governance, all of which are very important."

“Our goal is to make life better for the client; if we do that, it’s job done for us. We become a trusted partner who they are likely to call on for their next project. This type of loyalty and returning business is our ultimate goal and Re-Leased adds enormous value by aiding this,” Jeremy says.

Maggie Campo from Ray White Commercial

As the Contracts & Trust Account Manager for Ray White Commercial, Maggie has used many systems and software solutions over the years — none have been as effective as Re-Leased at making her life easier.

“I rely on our staff at the office to initially process all of the new managements and make sure that the invoices are all processed correctly, so when I come in of the morning and reconcile, it's just a click of an ‘OK’ button because Re-Leased has done all the hard work for me,” Maggie says.

When asked what she would say to accountants who are reluctant to make the change to Re-Leased she answered with the following:

“Don't be! Re-Leased so far has been an easy program and I guarantee that if you have any issues, their support staff are there straight away to help you.

“The beauty of Re-Leased as well is that it has an amazing online support help which you can go through to help you with any issues you may have first, and if that doesn't help, the customer support chat is there to ask questions pretty much straight away. This has been a great benefit compared to other systems I've used and currently use which don't have that functionality,” Maggie says.


Heidi Gillespie from Perriam and Partners Ltd

Heidi Gillespie from Perriam and Partners Ltd has had unique experience with Re-Leased. Her client – New Zealand property professionals APL – enlisted her team to help with their implementation of Re-Leased, which consisted of setting up property accounting processes to get the most out of Xero’s direct integration with Re-Leased.

For Heidi, Re-Leased has helped APL focus their time on their property management activities, as their property accounting systems have been streamlined.

“Re-Leased has enabled APL to move forward and future proof themselves with the software, so that they can ensure they streamline the automated processes, enabling them more time to manage the properties rather than dealing with the financial side of things.

“Having everything sync to Xero has enabled them to have a more transparent view of what is going on with the clients and helps with the internal controls with QA work – that is mainly the Xero side of things. Regarding features in Re-Leased, I do think the system is a great database of information, and with automatic syncing to Xero it enables all parts to be looked after,” Heidi says.

If you'd like to discover how Re-Leased property management software can take your business to the next level, contact us today.

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