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14 Benefits of Automating Your Commercial Property Management Business

 |  30 April 2022

The commercial property industry is facing a new era driven by smart software and real-time insights. It’s no surprise that technology adoption is growing among commercial property management organisations and investors, and this is a telling sign of a shifting mindset.

While legacy property management systems and paper-based processes are holding companies back, leading organisations are boosting efficiencies, reducing costs and quickly adapting in a fast-evolving market. 

Manual business processes in commercial real estate pose risks. But it’s modern technology that provides the infrastructure to achieve your growth goals. Without it, you’re stuck using legacy systems that haven’t kept up with the pace of play.

This guide will outline the 14 key benefits you’ll experience by streamlining your processes with a purpose-built commercial property management software system.


14 Benefits of Automated Commercial Property Management Software

1. Higher quality of work gets done

With better systems in place, your level of output increases, and your time spent doing lower-value, manual tasks reduces. Multiplying those two variables gives you a better quality product as a commercial real estate professional.

2. You’re more consistent

Modern systems allow you to create workflows that get tasks done automatically, allowing for a rinse-and-repeat approach to your daily tasks.

If you know what you have to do and when, there’s a great chance it will get done ahead of time, freeing you up for more important, revenue-driving activities.

3. You save a lot of time

Less time spent on manual tasks that are a dangerous time suck. Cloud-based technology will save you tens of thousands of hours. See it in action for yourself.

4. Data is visible, accessible, and measurable

Modern CRE technology provides you with in-depth data about how your business and its portfolio is tracked in real-time and in one place. 

5. Daily efficiency is improved

From the moment you get into the office, fire up your computer, and get your day started, all of your daily tasks are listed in an easy-to-follow dashboard. You won’t miss a beat with your daily to-dos.

6. Staff are accountable to one another

With unlimited access for your users, business decision-makers can have full oversight over their team’s performance, no matter where they work from – whether in the office or remotely.

7. Access to information isn’t limited or restricted by location

Building on the most recently covered benefit, you can work from anywhere with modern cloud-based property management software. Your portfolio is placed in the palm of your hands, meaning that you have unrestricted access to your business, your portfolio and key stakeholder information.

8. Costs are driven down

By saving time and automating workflows, your costs are driven down dramatically. That money can (and should) be used elsewhere in your business. If you’re using cloud-based property management software, this is made possible.

9. Improve regulatory compliance

This is a huge benefit. And that’s purely because cloud-based software houses all of your business’s information in one place.

If you need to reference information at anytime for the purposes of demonstrating compliance, your business’s information is located centrally. This eliminates the risks associated with not having a consolidated system.

10. Operations are standardised

When new workers join your team, you can walk through how you go about managing your commercial real estate business through one system. Having a solidified approach will help you onboard new talent because your day-to-day operations are standardised.

11. Your customers are more satisfied

By automating your business, you make way for better efficiency and more available time to be attentive to your customers.

Commercial property management software helps you to strengthen your relationship with all stakeholders by streamlining communication lines.

It’s software that’s built for the modern property professional to make their life easier – that includes providing the framework to support happy customers.

12. Productivity levels are boosted

Maggie Campo, Ray White Commercial Contracts & Trust Account Manager, relies on cloud-based property management software every single day to make sure she’s not missing a beat to get the most out of her 8-hours.

“I rely on our staff at the office to initially process all of the new managements and make sure that the invoices are processed correctly, so when I come in of the morning and reconcile, it's just a click of an ‘OK’ button because Re-Leased has done all the hard work for me,” Maggie says.

13. Staff morale rises

When you invest in systems that help to make your staff’s life easier, they’ll be happier as a result. They will have increased motivation to complete their tasks and team-wide collaboration initiatives will yield positive results. Without happy staff, your business won’t survive.

14. You eliminate double data entry and human error

Don’t waste time on manual data entry and repetitive tasks that are so reliant on near-perfect human input. By investing in a modern solution, you proactively mitigate this risk.

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Re-Leased

Manual business processes can pose many risks to commercial property companies but modern technology will provide the infrastructure to eliminate these and achieve your growth goals.

Re-Leased is a commercial property management software platform that increases your efficiency, lowers your expenditure, and reduces your admin time so you can focus on what really matters.

See Re-Leased in action 



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