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I would say Re-Leased makes us 40% more efficient time-wise. It's a standout product for me.
— Allan Satterthwaite, Director of AMS Property


Commercial real estate is changing

Are you positioned to future-proof your business

The demands of your tenants, team and regulations are changing. As markets become more competitive, it's the experiences, services and operational efficiencies driven by technology that will future-proof your business.

Join the changemakers who have moved from the old world of disconnected data, activities and communication to the new world — one connected ecosystem.

Smarter property management starts here

Keep on top of all your management tasks, from anywhere

Between chasing, checking, billing and paying there are multiple plates you have to keep spinning. Re-Leased pulls all your key lease and property information into one cloud-based system and gives you full visibility of what needs to be done.

You'll see:
  • Upcoming key dates including rent reviews, lease renewals, expiries and more
  • Reminders for maintenance and compliance tasks and inspections
  • Alerts about tenancies in arrears
Manage your portfolio on the go with confidence

With the property manager mobile app have access to vital property portfolio information wherever you are, including contacts, arrears, tenancies and more.

  • Access property and portfolio information anywhere
  • Upload photos for maintenance jobs & quickly communicate with tenants
  • Get total oversight while away from the office

Cut your property management costs

Free up your time & get more done

Don’t waste time on repetitive manual processes. Re-Leased is designed to cut your admin burden and keep everything running smoothly. From sending out rent invoices to tracking arrears, the system removes the risk of errors so you can be confident the right information is being sent to tenants and your team.

You and your team are freed up to focus on high-value activities – bringing on new business, delivering stand-out service, and acting on opportunities.

Re-Leased will automatically:
  • Create rent & outgoings invoices
  • Send these to tenants
  • Track who's paid and who's in arrears
  • Generate statements for owners
Increase staff retention

Your staff now expect modern tools to help them do their job. Re-Leased makes the complex easy for your team.  

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Complete control of your finances  

Trust Accounting you can rely on

Maximize your teams' efficiency by working from one source of truth. Be confident that everything's tracked, compliant, accurate and up-to-date.

Here's how our Trust Accounting solution improves how you operate:

  • Automatic transaction matching & reconciliation of bank statements
  • Create income and expenses invoices on one page
  • Create repeating invoices and credit notes
  • Get invoices approved by your team online
  • Single and bulk disbursements
  • Manage unlimited client accounts
  • Automate fees and payments to owners and creditors
Trust Accounting Dashboard

Deliver service that wows

Give owners the insights they want and win new business

Landlords want live, mobile, flexible reporting at their fingertips. With Re-Leased, you can give your clients on-the-spot access to portfolio information.


Landlord Insights App
Total portfolio oversight on the go. Owners and landlords can jump into the app and monitor arrears by portfolio, property or by tenant, and make sure that rent, maintenance, income and expenses are on track.
  • Access property and portfolio information anywhere
  • Upload photos for maintenance jobs & quickly communicate with tenants
  • Get total oversight while away from the office
Tenant App

From access to payment details to logging maintenance tasks and communicating with other stakeholders, our Tenant App is packed full of value for everyone.

  • Give tenants full visibility of their lease, documents and payments
  • Keep tenant communications in one place
  • Tenants can log maintenance issues and upload photos 

Portfolio insights and analysis

Become the trusted advisor to your clients

CREDIA is a live property portfolio analytics platform built for commercial real estate. It sits on top of Re-Leased and acts as the lens into portfolio performance.

Move from a responder to an advisor and deliver better client experiences based on portfolio data. 


Property management software at its best

Rapid onboarding & ongoing support

With a strong focus on ease of use and world-leading customer experiences, we'll help manage your onboarding from start to finish.
  • Migrating data is traditionally painful. We do the heavy lifting and handle that for you. 
  • Receive tailored training to ensure your team are Re-Leased certified.
  • Once you’re up and running, we'll be here to support, should you need a helping hand.

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I come in and just look at my calendar for the day and see what I need to do. It automatically tells me there’s a lease renewal coming up and I can click into that and see which tenant it is, see their information, and I can action that immediately.
Jay Sheffield
Managing Director, Raine & Horne Commercial North Sydney
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